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        Why am I here? What's going on? Where am I? What is happening? I've asked myself these questions countless times over the last few weeks. Before we get off topic, I'll tell you about what happened just a few weeks ago. . .it was my first week being in this world. I tried to open my eyes, but all I received was darkness. All I could think about was what was out there, what was all of that noise for? What was happening? What is this place?

       That was my first day on this Earth, the first day I had felt the cool autumn breeze blow through my fur. It was also the first week I felt a new emotion, sadness. When I was finally able to open my eyes, I just had to look around. All I knew was that we were in a small room that was filled with tools and shovels in it. I grew tired of looking  around and scrambled over to my mom.

         My mother had dark ebony black fur with deep brown eyes. As soon as  I was near her, she shoved aside by her long silky leg. A deep growl echoed throughout the small shed. I heard a yelp as a man with a long stick kicked my mother's side. I watched in horror as my mother fell to the ground, the man with the long stick with a barrel at the end and pointing it at her stomach. Fear was evident in her eyes. Within those few seconds I saw her eyes meet my siblings and mine. 

         I heard the man snarl as he grumbled a mixture of words. "Darn dog! Having pups in my shed! Should've left ya to die in that ol' box! Took ya in and this is how ya repay me?" You could hear the small whimpers  vibrate throughout the small shed as the man dug the stick deeper into my mother's stomach. 

          A loud bang sounded off as the man put his finger on a trigger. I yelped in surprise, watching as my mother's body went limp and a red liquid trickled out. The man turned towards my siblings and I, murder in his eyes. He pointed the stick at my oldest sister, then my oldest brother. One after one my siblings were picked off. All that was left was the four of us. My three brothers and sister ran off, leaving me behind. I quivered in place as the man glared at me. 

           I saw him move closely but then take a few steps back and turn around. "That'll teach you to have pups on my property-mutt." With a loud "humph" from the man, he left and went back to his house. I whined as I tried to wake my mother up, failing as her limp body never moved. Tears filled my eyes as I desperately started to nudge her, not wanting to admit that she was gone. 


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