The Only Chapter!

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The First Day: Day One

Fourth block. My last class of the day. All that stood between me and freedom was an hour and a half. Only ninety minutes, and then I would be free from my first day of my last year.
I inched my way slowly into the classroom, weary of who would be my classmates for the year to come. As I scanned the area quickly, I realized that I knew most of them from last year's chemistry class. There were a few unfamiliar faces, but that just couldn't be helped.

I quickly found a seat near the back. It was isolated from everyone else and left me all alone. I waited see if anyone would decide to join me in my little corner, but as the bell tolled, it became apparent that I was to be a solitary student.

Surrounded in a forlorn cloud, I began to search out our biology teacher.

My schedule read that her name was Potterf. Everyone I had talked to had said that she was great, but I had yet, in my three years of high school, to meet her.

As I sought her out in the small jumble of students, I registered that she was not who I had originally thought she was. I had initially perceived that she was an older woman that I had seen wondering the school, but as I spotted her dark glossy hair, I was proved wrong.

She was standing behind her desk, her stature just slightly above my own short one. A lightly red haired man was standing beside her, and as he chatted freely with the other students, I realized that Mrs. Potterf was holding a...doll (?) gently in her arms.

But as it squirmed around and cooed softly, I was proved wrong once again. It was a very small baby! She was so tiny!

And, as the class finally started, my teacher kindly informed us that the tiny baby was her newest child at only two weeks old. We were then told that the little girl would be present in the classroom for the first few weeks until she was little older.

After that small introduction, Mrs. Potterf informed us that we would be moved into alphabetical order and would be sitting that way for the beginning of the year so that she could easily learn each of our names.

As she called off our last names from the role, I was happy to find that maybe I wouldn't be so isolated after all!

I was seated at the very end of a row of desks with a red haired boy to my right who I remembered from Chemistry. He was only familiar to me because of a few mutual friends that we shared.

Speaking of which, one of those mutual friends happened to be seated right in front of me! She would most certainly make this year entertaining.

I was isolated no more!

After everyone was finally arranged, the teacher continued her small introduction of herself and the strange, sarcastic man with her.

But to call it a small introduction was a huge understatement. Their introduction was so elaborate that they both had taken out the time to create a professional grade power point complete with loving pictures of them and their three other young children.

The man whose second language seemed to be sarcasm turned out to be her husband and would be a stand in for her for the first week or so while she adjusted to life with her young daughter.

At one point, the lengthy class syllabus was handed out. And by lengthy, I mean it was a solid four pages front and back.

The teacher then went on to explain our course of study: biology in depth and what was expected of each and every one of us. It was explained thoroughly to us just exactly how rigorous of a course Advanced Placement Biology was. We even had to sign a contract stating that we and our parents knew what we were getting ourselves into with this class.

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