A Sunday Walk Part 12

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18th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Knox's POV...

The kid still wasn't up to walking the next day, or the one following.

She developed another fever which held us back for a few more days. What it meant was that there was still something that was causing it so I had to check and recheck all of her wounds again.

It was the one on the back of her leg that had the issue and after burrowing around in it while ignoring the moaning and groaning the kid was giving off, I found that there was something foreign that had been imbedded in the wound that I didn't see when I checked them all the day we cleaned out that nasty shoulder wound.

But I rechecked every single wound she had again and then rechecked her for any more she might not have known about and that was it.

So we waited until she was able enough to walk out. Which didn't happen for a couple of days.

Checking my watch again, I noticed that the next morning was going to be a Sunday and I was all for taking myself on a Sunday walk. So checking the kid again the night before, we both lay down on the sleeping bag to get some shuteye before our wee trek tomorrow.

Early hours of the next morning..

I was packing everything up and watched as the kid was trying to get her shoes back on her feet and noticed that they were a little swollen due to that fever, but she was determined I noticed to get them on, and she did after growling at her feet for a bit.

So by the time dawn had arrived, we were standing at the mouth of the main cave looking out across the terrain to see that there was only a few camp fires that were smoking up letting me know that those campers where up and about and probably boiling a pot of water for a cuppa.

Something I would give anythign for at the moment.

I looked at the kid when I started to hear her sniffing around.

At first I thought she was crying, but she was literally sniffing the air for something.

"Coffee that way. Unknown camp. But that one over there smells like the coffee my brothers use, so if it's alright with you, I'll be heading in the opposite direction from that fire." The kid was saying as she stood there with a make shift pack over her shoulder. It was more like a sling than a pack.

So looking once again at the terrain, I started to lead the kid down off this little mountain and turn in the opposite direction from the camp fire she thinks is her brothers.

I didn't mention that there was only a couple of camp fires, the ones from the other day might have gone out when those particular campers went home. At least I hope that's what happened with them.

The picture I have been getting from what the kid has been saying doesn't bode well for her brothers, which was actually one of the reasons why my team was down here.

Dane went missing after being sent down this way after information was received about a missing family who had been holidaying here in the area. It was just a scouting trip to find what was probably lost campers, but after the last few days, I don't think so.

I just hope that Dane is still alive and bunkered down somewhere.

The Preacher knew one of the family members and when his wife had called The Preacher about them missing, that's when Dane was sent down.

The wife had told The preacher that her husband and brothers along with a couple of extra family friends were the ones to go camping. She stayed behind while the husband took their teenage kids with them since she was caring for her mother who had come down ill a day or two before they were due to leave.

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