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Emily's POV

I flipped through the mail, and stopped, surprised to spot an envelope with James's name on it. All the mail for the studio was normally marked with Riley's name, occasionally Kate's. I stared at it for a couple seconds. There was no return address, only the studios. I was curious, but I couldn't open it. It's illegal. I heard a familiar voice, and looked up, spotting James. He waved goodbye to Piper, who had just arrived, and was about to leave, but I stood up, running out of the office to stop him. "James wait!" I called. He turned to look at me. "I found this in the mail, it's addressed to you." I said. He walked over, and looked at the envelope.
"It's in Riley's writing. I'm not reading it." He stated firmly. Ever since Piper told him about how Riley had kissed Alfie, he was furious at any slight mention of her. It had gone down lately, which is a good thing I guess. But the cause of his calmness isn't good. Riley's been missing for 25 days. It's not like she would've run away in depression though, literally everything was left behind. If she had run away, she would've at least taken our grandmothers watch, but she's left that behind. She normally wears it everyday, so her leaving it behind isn't right. I waved the letter in front of James.
"Just open it and see what it says. I know you're curious." I taunted, hoping to get him to cave. He sighed, grabbing the envelope from my hand.
"Fine." He said angrily. I watched him open the envelope, and pull out what appeared to be a photo. He read something written on the back, before flipping it over to see the photo.

James's POV

The handwriting inside wasn't Riley's. It was too messy. Besides, what was written wasn't something that she'd write, and then send to me. I looked at the writing again, trying to comprehend it.
I have your precious babies safe and sound. For now.
I then flipped back to the photo side, to stare at an ultrasound photo.

Someone was threatening me

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Someone was threatening me. With Riley, which was stupid because of how mad I am. But also smart, because of the ultrasound they were showing me. Riley was pregnant! How did I not know?! This isn't something you forget to mention. Someone is threatening me with the life of Riley, and my first child. I felt anger surge through me, not just because my child isn't safe, but because Riley didn't bother to mention I was going to be a father. I felt no pity for her, she deserved this almost, but not my unborn child. The kid has done nothing wrong. I felt a hot breath on the back of my neck, and turned to see Emily looking at the photo. She looked worried, which made me believe she'd seen the writing. She's Riley sister, she's going to worry, but I'm not caring. Not one bit.

At least, in that moment I didn't care, but 7 months later, here I am barely sleeping, too worried about my girl. I just need her back.

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