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So this is for the ones who trusted me. Yes, you! I wrote a letter for you, yes, you! You can find it on the last page.

I think this will be the first time that I will say this. Well, because if you're going to do this thing, it should be for good reasons. I wrote Montello High not to gain popularity. I wrote this for me, because I want to write my story. I wrote this for you because you are worth it.

So now! For the first time I will say this...

READ because you are my awesome readers.

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The first time I entered Montello high, I had been wanting and waiting to get out of this school. It gave me a story which a normal teenager wouldn't experience in her boring life. Well, I don't do normal and I was so impatient with boredom. And so it showed me something dangerously dark and complicated to the point that I even wanted to escape from it. But I couldn't escape from the deadly rose, right? Apparently, my father could. It was just that I was not as awesome as him.

This holy ground was too quiet. But this was how it was supposed to be. It should be quiet. Ipinikit ko ang mga mata ko kasabay ng paghinga ng malalim. Masakit pa rin sa damdamin at sobrang bigat sa kalooban tuwing maaalala ko ang mga nangyari. Subalit gaano man kasakit ang mga ala-ala, hindi ko maitatangging binuo nito ang mas matibay na ako. Ako siguro ang isa sa mga taong hindi makakalimot. Tahimik kong inilagay ang puting rosas at saka sinindihan ang kandila. Ilang buwan na rin ang nakalipas mula nang mawala siya. Ginawa ng taong ito ang makakaya niya upang mailigas ako... kami... ang Montello High.

"A wonderful person," narinig kong sabi ng tinig mula sa aking likuran.

"And will never be forgotten," sang-ayon ko sa sinabi niya. Dad put a hand on my shoulder while staring at the grave. I could clearly see sadness in his eyes and at the same time, gratitude for everything that this person had done.

"Dad, she said you were the most brilliant man she's ever met," nakangiti kong sabi. He smiled back at me. My serious and formal Dad absolutely knows everything.

"There are love we don't deserve but still, we're thankful for it. Alam kong alam niya iyon kung kaya't she let me go. She knew that I love your mother and she let me have that love. No, she will never be a martyr to me. It was just that her love was unconditional and pure. No negative words could ever taint it," wika niya and for a moment, I think I saw something glisten in his eyes.

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