Dear Nobody (Journal Entry 7)

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Dear Nobody,

Firstly, lastly, and further more I am not drunk.


As witness as my God.

I am sober fifty one hundred percent.

Phere. There.

Troof. Proof.

I would video a record right now for proof extra, but Indigo thinks cameras bring bad juju to our living space room colony.

And I don't know exactly what juju is but Indigo Queen of The Purple says that when it's bad, it like can cause the apocalypse.

But she's wrong.

'Cause I know really who causes the 'pocalypse...

King Elias King Alexander the Great.

That's right.

He's the King of the bad jujubees ladies and gentlemens!

I already have enough bad jujube juice from him to me last a lifetime so, I'm not gonna make a video camera recording.

An entral journey will do for now.

Apocalypse thwarted!

Hash tag!

Anyway, if Elias that guy tries to otherwise say that I am drunk sometime tonight you'll already how wrong he...

This entry journal is my evidence like on CSI.

Any who...

...It's almost seven, and I have no party clothes, so I need to go change into a butterfly.

Right now I look caterpillar like. you've never talked to a caterpillar before huh?

But seriously.

I gotta go metamorphosize myself!

So this writing correspondence letter message can't be extra very long.

But I wanted to make sure that you at least know the truth.

Because E-LIE-US will about lie it later.

Just see and wait!

He'll say something like I can't handle the moonshimmer but believe me you, I'm handling it just fine.

Like a champignon.



Besides if I was drunk would I shdhjskahs d hedgehog?

Am I right?

Or am I right?!

Trust me, Nobody.

A drunk person could write not this well ;).

Gotta go.

Catch you on the flapjack!



(Thank you for reading guys! I know this is a short one but I have a huge update for you starting on Tuesday so I'm excited to share that! Thank you all for the awesome birthday wishes :). I had a great time last weekend!)

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