I slid into the car easily and his large frame bent as he sat down beside me. He didn't speak as the car began to move, his eyes slowly turning back to it's silver color. He stared straight ahead, leaning back in his seat.

"Where are you taking me?" I was surprised at how strong my voice sounded even though I wasn't feeling anything close to it.

His eyes flickered to mine. "To my apartment."

"Why?" My voice was shaky now.

He didn't answer. Instead he pulled out a cellphone and began texting, dismissing me.

I gritted my teeth, anger and worry rising in me. "Asshole."

His eyes shot up from the phone, grabbing my shirt and pushing me forward to him. "Don't you ever curse me." He growled. "Understand?"

He held onto my wet shirt until I nodded. I shoved away from him as soon as he released me and tried to put as much space as I could between us.

The ride lasted twenty minutes. We hadn't left the town but we were now on a side of town that I had never been in before.

The houses were large and looked expensive. The grass was well cut and bright, nothing like how it looked back on my side of town. Young werewolves were playing in a park and I could see some adults barbecuing.

My stomach gurgled from the smell which drafted through the window. I tried to cover it with a cough, but I had the strong feeling that The Alpha heard it anyway.

The car turned a corner and a large white building came into view. It looked to be five storeys high and two werewolf guards were outside by the doors of the building.

The car stopped outside of it and The Alpha got out, slamming the door behind him. The driver opened my door for me and I reluctantly stepped out. I immediately looked behind him and towards the road, mentally urging myself to try and make an escape.

As if sensing my thought, a heavy arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me towards the entrance of the building.

I scowled up at The Alpha. He simply ignored me and kept me pressed to his side, the warmth from him seeping through my wet shirt. As soon as we stepped into the air conditioned room I pulled away from him.

He regarded me silently, making sure I was no where near the doors. The guards outside turned to face us, eyes latched onto me, watching.

"Good morning, Alpha." A female werewolf walked up, bowing her head at him. She was dressed in all white and her clothes clung to her curvy body like a second skin. Her hair flowed down her back and her eyes shone with admiration as she looked at the Alpha.

"We'll be staying on the fifth floor, in apartment 63." The Alpha told her gruffly, gesturing to me. Her eyebrows rose in surprise when she saw me. I probably looked like a mess. Mud clung to my clothes and my hair was completely wet.

Her eyes betrayed the question that I knew was on her mind. What was a human doing with The Alpha?

She didn't dare question the Alpha however and instead nodded. She walked over to a desk and pulled out a golden key.

She gave it to him and he began walking away. I stood still, unsure on what to do. I was making a puddle on the tiles from the wet clothes I was wearing.

"I think you were supposed to follow him." The lady said, watching me with amusement. I blinked. Usually most werewolves would look down at humans and sneer. But instead she was looking at me as if she wanted to laugh.

"Rebecca!" The Alpha roared. I immediately jolted my confused gaze from the lady and hurried to catch up with him.

The Alpha was waiting impatiently in an elevator. I went in beside him and watched as the doors slid closed.

I could feel my heart racing. I wanted this ride to hurry up and end. Every time water would drip from my hair, a soft clicking noise would echo as it fell on the ground.

I sighed, exhausted and began to wring out the wet clothes, not caring that it was soaking the floor beneath us.

I glanced up to see The Alpha watching me, the sides of his mouth quirking up. My glare was sharp, protraying my anger.

The doors slid open and The Alpha gestured with a tilt of his head for me to get out. My throat tightened, wanting to scream at him to allow me to leave, to return to my family.

But I knew he wasn't going to let me.

My sneakers squeaked noisily on the tiles as I marched ahead of him and down the hallway, The Alpha close behind me.

We stopped at a large solid, oak door and The Alpha slid the key in the lock. The door clicked open.

I was not surprised by how beautiful the inside of the suite looked. I had expected it.

The Alpha pushed me forward gently, towards what looked to be the dinning room. His gaze was unwavering and I felt my face become hot with anger.

No words were exchanged between us and I was quiet when he abruptly left me standing on the tiled floor, going into a nearby room.

Immediately I jogged towards the front door. My scream of anger was hoarse but loud as I realized he had locked it. I kicked the door repeatedly, hissing when pain shot through my toes. The noise of someone clearing their throat halted my movements.

"What are you trying to do?" The Alpha's husky voice sounded from directly behind me and I turned around reluctantly.

He had taken off the cloak and instead was just wearing a long sleeves white shirt and black jeans. I could see tattoos on his arms that were showing from under the cuffs of his shirt.

The shirt complimented his muscles greatly, but no amount of sexy would change my mind about werewolves and getting away from him.

"What does it look like?" I snapped. Instead of looking upset at my tone, his eyes shone with the same expression the werewolf lady had from downstairs. Amusement.

I curled my hands into fists. "You think this is funny, werewolf?"

My chest was heaving in anger, my eyes narrowed into slits. He watched me silently, raising a brow.

"You need to change out those clothes. Go to the last room on the right and you can shower and change." He told me, the amusement which had been in his eyes a few seconds ago replaced with a cold stare.

"What I need is to go home, Alpha." I said through gritted teeth. "I don't want to be here with you."

The Alpha stepped forward, too close for my liking. I stepped backwards to get away from him, but he grabbed my waist, pulling me to him. Ripples of what felt like electricity went through me but I ignored them, keeping my face blank.

He made sure I was looking at him when he spoke, moving one hand from my waist to hold my chin and lift my head. He leaned down, his eyes slowly darkening. "Listen up, sweetheart. You're staying with me, whether you like it or not."


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