Satan's Pet ~Part 8~

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She stopped outside the doors to the ballroom, and motioned for me to go first. I opened the door and started to walk in. I froze in the door way seeing at least fifteen lost, new souls.

Aimee squeezed past me and stared at the new souls. "Don't you just love it?" she asked, looking at me. When I looked at her I could see all the lust in her eyes from the killing.

"Aimee, that's enough. You've already gone over the limit this week." I told her.

"Like I care what the council says, I just want you to be happy." She said in her innocent voice.

"I am happy," I said to her, "But you need to stop killing so many people. If the council found out they will kill you, then I'll be sad."

I hugged her to me tightly when I saw her smile drop. "I love you, my Goddess of the underworld." She smiled up at me and pecked me on the lips.

She didn't stop though. I woke up the next morning to find her sitting in the corner of the room, her clothes covered in blood, a dagger clutched in her hands, and an evil glint in her eyes and another ten new souls in the ball room.

I started to panic now the limit was way over. I begged Aimee to stop the killing, but she just screamed in my face.

"I'm doing this for you! Don't you love me!" she would always yell.

One night I woke up to find her still asleep but she was mumbling in her sleep. "Die, die. Kill, kill. Die, die. Kill, kill."

I finally understood what had happened to my wife. She had the taste of death on her and it was too addictive for her. She lusted it, to see the fear in a person's eyes when they know they are about to be killed.

There was no way I could stop this, all I could do was try and hide it from the council, but I even failed at doing that.

The next morning while I was trying to comfort Aimee's hysterical crying we were summoned to the council.

You could never tell when they were going to summon you. One minute we were in our bedroom the next, I was standing by myself in a large dark room at the edge of a large white circle. Aimee stood by herself in the middle, looking scared.

I went to climb onto the stage with her, but two pairs of hands grabbed me arms from either side and held me back. I looked to see two guards standing either side of me.

"Aimee, Goddess of the Underworld. Do you know why you are here?" Came a deep, stern voice in the darkness. I knew it was the High Chairman.

Aimee stayed silent.

"We'll take that as a no then," said another voice in the darkness.

The council existed of seven people. One representing each race. Vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, angels, humans. No one knew which one was the High Chairman, but all I knew was that I would be Satan for 20,000 years before passing it on to someone else then take a seat as a chairman on the council.

"You are here, Aimee, because you have killed three times over the limit of humans demons are allowed to kill," came a stern female voice to our left.

Still Aimee stayed silent.

"Have you got nothing to say?" another female voice asked near the front of the room.

The room was silent.

"Then so be it." High Chairman said. "For you actions Aimee, you will be sentenced to The In-between World."

"No!" I shouted into the darkness. "Please chairmen don't send her there," I begged.

"You know the rules Lucifer," came the voice of the old Satan before me. "She must be exiled to The In-between."

"I can help her!" I cried back.

"No, Lucifer!" High Chairman said, we gave you the chance to fix this but you failed. Now we will end this.

One by one blue lights lit up where each chairman sat as they joined hands, a faint blue light started to rise towards the ceiling.

"No!" I cried and tried yet again to climb on to the stage, but the guards held me back tighter.

Aimee looked towards me, tears streaming down her face. She opened her mouth to say something. But before she could, a large blue flash erupted from the ceiling and flew down towards her. She didn't even have time to scream.

When the bright flash disappeared I looked back towards the stage to see a pile of ashes sitting were Aimee had been standing.

I blinked back the tears and then saw I was back in my bedroom. Alone.

My wife was gone.

The years turned into centuries and then came the birth of Serena. I had never felt anything like it. I can't even explain what the feeling was. When I looked at the List of Life I was shocked to not see Serena's name on it. Was she a still born? No, I could still sense her somehow. Why wasn't she on the list?

I had no choice but to inform the council about this, they too were shocked to hear she wasn't on the list. Something like this has never happened before.

As the years went past I watched in the shadows as Serena grew from a baby to a child and from a child to a young woman.

I was shocked to see such a resemblance to my wife in her. She had the exact same features as Aimee had except Serena's eyes were a bright blue, were Aimee's were red.

I watched Serena one day when she suddenly fell to the floor clutching her head - and telling people who passed by her to ask if she was alright - that she had a headache. I gasped when she looked up towards my directions and I saw the familiar red eyes of Aimee.

There was no doubt about it then. Why Serena never appeared on the list. She was a reincarnation of my wife, but something had gone wrong. Instead of just the one soul, two souls operated the body. It was a battle for control.

~End Flashback~

I returned to my bedroom and lay down on my bed thinking still. I had sworn that day I say Aimee's eyes again, that I would whatever I could in my powers to help her to win her the body.

"Soon, Aimee. Very soon." I whispered as I drifted off to sleep.









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