It wasn't an appropriate day garment, but I was not planning on returning the dress to Jesse or seeing him ever again. He had warning signs all over, and If I was smart enough I wouldnt do it.

Once I was done, I head back inside the main room to get my hairpin. Then next dried my hair and tied it in a messy bun, also not forgetting to wash my face with the washcloth and pinch my cheeks to give some color to my face. In addition I bite my lips, to give that subtle redness needed for a fresh no-make up glow look. So I could still make it in time for work, considering that going back home would've make me late I'm New York's traffic.

I was busy looking at my reflection, that I didn't noticed Jesse standing by the doorway, watching me.

Thr pounding in my heart would not stop, but I was able to subtly play it cool. He looked at me questioningly as I made my way pass him to grab my purse on his desk. "Breakfast is ready in the kitchen

- why didnt you change?"

"Why? Because I don't want to owe you anything. I'll repay you for your hospitality, but I'm not staying any longer. Thanks" As soon as I could leave this house the better, because Blue scared me, mostly the effect he has on me. It was a crude thanks, but I didn't ask for this.

"You know nothing happened last night right. Why are you so defensive Ms. Heart. Have I done something wrong?"

I stopped on my track and turned to face him, my eyes were clouded with anger, " I told you to specifically take me home, but you take me here instead. You gave me your words Mr. Blue, and I expected you to keep it. Clearly I shouldnt have expected anything."

Sue me for being a bitch and taking this whole thing to another level. But I like promises to be kept, when things goes different from what I originally planned it drives me crazy and disorganized.

He didn't reply a word; he just let me walk away. The kind of man he was! I didnt even get his apology!

I walked toward the door as he followed me like a lost puppy, downstairs then to his front door. I left making sure to slam the door hard enough.

When the city traffic came to view, I began to walk in the direction of my office. Soon I was face with the busy street of New York and its higly thick pollution. I checked my phone and sigh in annoyance when I realize it was dead. I walked to a nearest telephone booth to call, my supposedly best friend, who dumped me in her own party. Which she practically force me to go to. I could have gone to a blind date, enjoy the night or hate it, and still would be able to go home and work.

After the third ring she finally picked up, "Hello?"

She sounded like she just woke up.

"Hello my ass! Where are you bitch?" I yelled, attracting people to look at my direction. I smile weakly at an old grandma who was staring at me with wide eyes just outside the phone booth. I know- I know I need some slapping on the mouth. Language morality is not my strong arena.

"Amelia?" she sounded surprise.

"No, Jesse Blue."

"Sarcasm doesn't suit you lady! Where are you? I'll pick you up on the way to the office."

"I'm near Starbucks in front of high tower. I'll be there, please hurry up, I have work."

"Of course. Im so sorry Amelia."

"Ya sorry is not enough, you are paying for my lunch and dinner."

She promised with the addition of free dessert, before I ended the call. As I waited for her I decided to enter Starbucks and order a hot chocolate and a croissant for breakfast.

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