I woke up with a pounding headache, and I wasn't even drunk for God sake. My feet hurt from the heel I wore last night, as well as my back and I wished I hadn't chosen that pump.

My eyes sequinted at the bright light coming from the two story tall window, as I streched every numb limbs of my body. I groaned in annoyance at the sun and the ache covering my body.

It took a while before I adjusted to the completely new surrounding. When my eyes landed on a woman, who seems to be in her mid 40s, beaming at me with her infectious smile.

I smiled back.

I smiled back?

A woman?

I wasn't at my apartment. I abruptly stood up, causing myself to lose temporary balance. My eyes went blurry for a second, as I try to grabbed the nearest bed post. "Who are you?" I asked confused, a little bit afraid of what her answer might be.

I tried to remember what happened last night and how I ended up in an unfamiliar room. All I could remember was going to Thalia's dad party, and drinking by the bar ... Entering Jesse Blue's car. My eyes widen at the realization, before quickly scanning my body for any reminder of what might happened last night.

"I work here as the housekeeper, my name is Deby," she introduced, while holding folded clothes on her hand.

"Where is Jesse?"

Last night conversation replayed in my mind, and I quickly remember Jesse Blue, the handsome man, has taken me home. Well at Least that's what I hoped he did.

I was so angry with that man right now. So much for trusting a guy to take you home. Make note to one self, beat him up when you see him.

Although I was not going to complain about the comfortable bed I slept on last night.

I silently thank God that I was still in my dress. Hopefully, my virtue too was still intact. I mean it didnt feel weird down there as I shifted from foot to foot. Deby watched me intensely before saying, "Ms. Heart everything you need is in the bathroom. Mr. Blue will come in shortly please make yourself at home." She placed a folded towel by the bed and left the room before I could thank her. Sucking in deep breath, I tried to control my stress level, and stop myself from crying.

I ended up trashing the bed and yanking my hair all over the place.

Stupid Blue! Stupid party! Stupid me!

After a while of just laying on my stomach, my legs find their way to the bathroom. I found a toothbrush and a navy blue dress. That's definately not mine.

The whole thing was like the book Fifty Shades of Grey, that it made me freak out before consider being rational. He bought you a dress and then all the weird- kinky shit comes along. Just the thought made me shrudder.

To be honest I think I was being overly paranoid about this. But my defensive instict just went haywire for some reason.

I took a quick shower, constantly peeking to the mohagony door even though I had make sure to lock it several times.

My instinct told me to leave the beautiful navy dress and wore last night's dress instead. I should really fuck away with my instinct. My instinct told me he was a good man, my instinct told me to get in his car last night, and my instinct is what got me into this weird situation.

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