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I won’t say anything except… “Trust Me.”

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Chapter 50: A Game of Chess


God apparently answered my shortest prayer. I wasn’t sure if He was being romantic this time because He sent me flowers but I was grateful. He listened to the call of my heart. These dark roses were the brightest hope I could hold on to right now. And maybe, I was someone’s hope, too, because I felt long fingers wrapping tightly against mine. Lumingon ako sa may-ari ng mga daliring iyon at alam kong nararamdaman din niya ang nararamdaman ko nang magtama ang mga mata namin.

“This couldn’t be happening!” Frustrated at tila hindi makapaniwalang wika ni Principal Steins. I couldn’t help but smirk on that. This old man still needed to learn some lessons.

Nakatingin pa rin ang mga Frankensteins sa amin but this time, they weren’t all zombie-like. Tila alam nila ang kanilang ginagawa. They looked serious and determined now. They were not Frankensteins anymore. They were Montello High School Gangster students. At totoong mas dumami sila. That was when I recognized Zach, Makki, Trinity, Jamie and Mirden somewhere in the middle of the students. Suprisingly, they were with Detective Penber. But he wasn’t wearing his police uniform. Nakita ko rin ang ilang mga estudyante mula sa cafeteria. They came back… for us.

Agad na nakahuma ang mga miyembro ng Stones dahil tinutukan nila ang mga estudyante ng baril. At dahil nasa pagitan kami ng dalawang grupo, kasama kami na sasalo ng mga balang pakakawalan nila.

“Well, I hate disobedient students,” wika ni Principal Steins. To our surprise, someone answered from the group who were holding black roses.

“Well, you shouldn’t point your gun to kids especially when they are just holding black roses.” It was Zach’s voice. And then I remembered Jin. What was I going to tell Zach about him? Nag-iisip pa ako ng mga maaari pang mangyari nang tumuon ang atensyon naming lahat sa dahan-dahang bumubukas na gate ng Montello High. Our school was finally being opened. Whoever was opening it, I had no idea. It was just slowly and mysteriously opening, leaving me breathless because of anticipation.

What was coming? There were monsters inside these gates. Montello High, while the gate was closed, became a nest of the biggest snake that I’ve ever known. And something was coming up. It must mean that there were more monsters coming in. Montello High was really a lucky place. It was going to be a deadly and dangerous battle ground for monsters.

“Stay near me, Summer. It’s not just your long, lost friend Henrietta who’s coming,” wika ni Van at saka hinila ako ng mas palapit sa kaniya. I don’t get him. He was shielding me from the Stones even as he wanted to cover me from what was coming.

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