Part 73 🌃

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In the future:

Rosie was fighting her 319 year old dad as he was fighting his 298 year old daughter. They spared every morning to get their blood pumping. They just finished and sat on a log outside the RV Mikey lived in. Leo walked up to Raphael whom lighting a cigarette.
(catch up review: Leo is now alive cause Raphael wasn't there to protect him in time even though they were all in the same battle. Rosie stopped the ninja who would've killed Leo. So now he's alive. All because you gave birth to Rosemary)
"raph, i thought you were quitting." Leo bugged him. "Go away leo." he sassed with his lips latching onto the cigar. "give me that." Leo swiped the cigar from his mouth and threw it on the ground, turning his heal on the cigar killing it. "aye!" "hai." Leo greeted being sassy " raph put his sunglasses down over his eyes "Goin' for a walk." He told everyone as he turned his back and left. "wait for me." rosie called out as she grabbed a water from the cooler. "no you stay here, rose." he calmly told her trying not to loose his cool with her. "okay.." She sat down on the log and twisted open the water bottle. Leo sighed as he sat down on the log with rosie. Leo wore black pants much like the ones in the 2016 movie but without the white bandages on the waist, pair of Men's Nikes and black leather on his forearms. His mask was still over his eyes. He Had a new tattoo on his collar bone; But not that new; its like 100 year old tattoo. He had fingerless gloves on. "How come you and Dad don't get along? I could never understand it." "well, we were always this way but it got worse when I met your mother." "how come?" she asked narrowing her eyes but not in anger; in confusion. "I loved her too. But she loved raph more. that's all there was to it." "oh~"

Other dimension~~ Gender Flipped dimension~~❤︎

((I don't know your name XD and i'm sorry but whenever i say ~"Y/N"~ I want you think of the male version of your name instead of your original female name.))

You were sitting with your calf relaxed on your knee as you were drawing in your sketchbook. Raphael was doing push ups 15 feet away. You were drawing down her Calves, her rounded shell, her sculpted face. You embellished on her eye lashes though. Making them longer than what they are. She wore short black shorts and no shirt, considering she doesn't even need one. I mean, she has a shell. She would glance over at you wondering what your doing. You flipped to a Page where it was a fruit bowl you sketched. Just in case anyone walked by. You set your book down and went to the bathroom for a second. Raphael stood up to see what you were doing. She grabbed her towel and wiped her forehead as she then placed the towel on her neck. She walked over to the blue sketch book with a big 'M' Logo on it. She saw a picture of a fruit bowl. She was pretty impressed with it. She flipped the page over to see a picture of herself sketched out. In this picture she was sitting on the couch drinking a canned soda. she narrowed her eyes in confusion as she then turned to the next page. She saw this picture of herself mixing batter in a bowl, THe next picture was of her training with her sai's against her forearms and with a serious facial expression. She heard a door close and as she was frantically looking for the fruit bowl she ripped one of the photos he sketched of her by accident. She made a "ssssss" sound with her tongue against her teeth. She tore it out as she heard footprints. She turned the page and found the fruit. She relaxed as You walked up behind her. "Aye, nice bowl." she complimented as she put the book down. "did you look through this?" you asked. "nah, just that one page. Why?" "No reason just wondering." "mk." Raphael walked out of the room with the page crumpled up in her hand as she kept walking. "Hey y/n." Leo greeted. "aye dudette. Whats goin' on." you greeted back "eh not much. The usual. Annoying sisters. Then theres mikey." you smiled at her joke. "Aye i'm gonna go home, Mom wants me home early today. She's going on a trip soon. And she wanted to spend some-kind of time with me." "mk. bye!" she waved as you were already leaving. 'i love you' she thought to herself. Raphael closed her bedroom door as leaned against it. She opened the crumpled up paper and stared at it as she walked to her bed. She plopped on it with her stomach. "so he likes me too.." She smiled.

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