chapter 3

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Italy awoke the next day and felt arms around him. Italy instantly tried to get up screaming and sobbing. Then the pain kicked in and Italy struggle to stay awake. Germany bolted up Suddenly awake and held Italy close to his chest rubbing his back.
"Shush Italy it's me not my brother you're safe I promise. See you're safe. I'll protect you."
Italy whimpers into Germany's chest but soon was able to calm down. Germany Smiles softly.
"One of my friends was here before and will be taking care of him would you like to go to a world meeting with me today?"
Italy suddenly smiles and nods excitedly
"si please!"
Germany laughs and stands up walking over to his closet and pulls out his uniform and a nice blue one. "When I told the other countries I might have found the Italian twins we all work together to make military uniforms for you and your brother. Can you try this on?"
Italy looked at the uniform and smiled happily forgetting about all his worries and takes off what he guessed was one of Germany's nightshirts. Italy has trouble getting dressed not used to such complicated clothing. Germany cheeks become dusted with pink as he helps Italy get the uniform on. Then gets his own on. Italy stares in shock at the Germans muscles. Italy looks away quickly knowing he was blushing. Italy couldn't let your me know he was gay. Italy knew Germany would over take him, use him and then just throw him away. Italy's mind snapped back into reality when Germany slip some boots on while smiling.
"You look nice in that."
Italy blushes softly and smiles.
"Thank you Germany."
Italy and Germany walk out to Germany's car in Italy excitedly gets in. The ride to the meeting Hall was filled with a very comfortable silence. Italy fidgets nervously as Germany goes and pays for parking. Germany laughs and takes Italy's hand.
"You ready?"
Italy suddenly blushes and nods Softly.
Italy shyly Walks Behind Germany holding his hand and gasps when they walk in and he sees balloons and lots of food and different colors. "Woah."
" It's a party for you and your brother italy."
Says germany smiling down at Italy. Suddenly all the countries gather around Italy.
"Well this is the personification of Italy ha ha ha."
Said a man with long curly blonde hair which happened to be the personification of France. Italy has an amazing time at the party and slowly starts to open up to the countries. Italy even starts to giggle and laugh. Italy still stayed by Germany and Romano side for most of the time. But the country known as Spain kept Romero happy and entertained.

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