Running with humans: Inslaved Series

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Looking at Christian I can’t believe he never told me. Told me why I was kidnapped and why I was so important to Luke. I was the solution – I – Sasha. Why didn’t he tell me? Did he want me near him just in case he would soon turn? Was that it? He says he loves me but he has lived for thousands of years, he would obviously be a good liar. Was he in on the plan to abduct me? To use me as his own personal sex slave, making me think he loves me? Because that’s what’s happened, I was all his. Maybe he didn’t know how to share; maybe he just wanted me all to himself. 

I stare at him intently as he stares out the window of our small rented cottage, he was checking of course. We were being chased and now I know why – because of me. Not just because Luke wanted me as a sex slave, but because of what was inside of me. And I still hadn’t figured out why Christian was with me, it could be love – or it could be because he wanted me to himself; as his sex slave and as a solution. There was only one way to find out. Picking up the cold metal shotgun from behind the sofa, I aim it at Christians back and cock the gun. You need to find out what he wants, my mind says to myself, before I close my eyes and shoot. 

A/N - Okay, sorry if this doesn't make some sense as I haven't edited His Personal Slave yet, as I was going to go more into the plot line! It will unravel itself throughout the book though, so you won't be lossed! Hope you enjoy! & please could you leave some feedback thanks!

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