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Erza's pov

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I woke up pretty early today to start my first of school. I am going to be attending Fairy Tail high along with my best friend Mira. Mira and I go way back I have known her almost all my life. I can always count in Mira to help me through my tough experiences.

After brushing my teeth I turned on the faucet to start my bath. When it was ready I jumped right in. The water was so warm I wanted to stay in their forever.

" Hey Erza get out of the bath already or we are going to be late," Mira yelled at me " I am coming," I shouted back. When I got down Mira gave me toast and we left the house.

After 15 minute we reached the Fairy Tail gates. " Lets go" We walked into the building and couldn't believe what we saw. There were kids running around being ultra loud. Astonished Mira said, " I have never seen a school quite like this. This might be an interesting year."

While trying to find the principals office I accidentally bump into someone. She had blonde hair which was let open while a piece of her hair was tied to the side. " Sorry" " No it was my fault," said the girl " Hey are you new here" " How did you know" I know everyone here" " My name is Erza Scarlet and this is my best friend Mirajane Startuss." " You can call me Mira though" " My name is Lucy Heartfilia, and this is Levy McGarden and Wendy Marvel.
Wendy was short with long blue hair which was let out and Levy was short and also had short blue hair with a headband. " Hi" they said in unison.

" Are you trying to get into the principals office," Levy asked us. " Yeah," me and Mira both said. " We can show you the way," Wendy said happily. They shows us the way and while we were walking we talked and had a connection. " Bye meet us at lunch," Lucy told us. " Thanks."

Me and Mira walked into the principals office and saw a short old man. " You must be the new students," he said, " I am principal Makarov. Your homeroom teacher is Ms. Aries in room 108, that is where you will receive the rest of your schedule. I will get to students to give you guys a tour." " Can Jellal and Laxus get their butts into the my office now." After 2 minutes to guys walled in one was tall, buff and had spiky blonde hair. He didn't look like he cared about anything. The other one caught my attention he had blue hair and a tattoo over and under his right eye.

" Jellal you give a tour to Erza and Laxus you will do the same to Mira.

Me and Jellal left and so did Mira and Laxus. Jellal showed me the cafeteria and the gym. " Do you know where I can sign up to be in the martial arts club," I asks him. " Wait what." I didn't know why he was so surprised.

Jellal's pov

I can't believe this girl wants to be in the martial arts club. " There are no girls on that team" " I don't care. I am going to become the captain" What is up  with this girl does she honestly think she can beat Baccahus. She is out of her mind." At lunch there will be some auditions" " Great"

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" I never caught your full name" " My name is Erza Scarlet. I have to get going" " Wait up, what room are you in." "108." " Me too."

At the same time

Mira's pov

Me and Laxus left the office and he was quiet the hole time. He sounded annoyed he had to do this. " Why are you so grumpy," I asked him curiously. " Why are always smiling." " What is that supposed to mean" " Well you just seem so happy so I am just asking. "" I may act sweet but at my old school I was called the she devil. " Interesting"

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" Hey Mira what is your full name." " Mirajane Stratuss and since you got to ask me I get to ask you one too. "What is your homeroom," I asked him. " 108."  " That's mine too. Lets go"

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