Chapter 2

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I lay awake in bed, frozen under the space themed bed covers, not daring to move a muscle. 

Click ..

Whirr ..

I trembled. I hate that stupid furby, but even more, I'm afraid of it. I also hate my stupid brother Ronnie for buying that evil thing. It's been making weird noises that seem to be moving closer and closer each time. I wanted to lock it away in my cupboard or in a box but mum and dad insisted it would look nice on my desk.

Nice! It's like it's watching my every move!



It sounds so close now. Right next to my bed. I break into cold sweat and my throat tightens.  I need to jump out of my bed and catch it in the act. 

In 3 seconds. 


2.. (Get ready!)


My body stays frozen. I try to reassure myself but I stay, too scared to move. 

Finally, I lift a tiny part of the cover and hesitantly peer out. 

 The Furby's mechanical eyes stare into mine from the desk, at the end of the bedroom. 

I bite a cry of frustration. Why me?
Why us happening to me? I can't take this. I feel like I'm going crazy.

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