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In the summer of 2001 in Australia, a family were out camping. These people were not very careful of their location, and decided to camp close to a forest where numerous people had been reported missing. The family did not know this. When they reached their camping spot, the wife pointed out that no one was around. The husband assumed that they'd be celebrating Christmas. They ate their dinner and settled down to sleep.

It started to pour outside the tent, which made it a restless night. The wife distracted herself by Knitting, but was scared out of her wits when some kind of demonic face popped through the tents door. This "thing" was described as a flesh rotten, sharp teethed beast that looked at the mother with half empty eye sockets.

This thing took the mother, father, and two children. The eldest daughter who disguised her self as a sleeping bag told detectives that that thing had dragged her family into the woods, and screams were heard then silence.

The daughter has not been the same since. She never goes camping, or on holiday, she just stays in her home town, watching the woods behind her house.

So, if your ever camping by the woods, take a caravan.

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