A Little Embarrassment Doesn't Hurt Anyone Part 11

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"We'll be staying here until you can cope with moving out again." He said very quietly from behind me which made me think that he was watching every single movement I was making.

I hope he cops a good look since I'm the one who was now naked in the cave. Was I feeling embarrassed about it? Not really.

I was too tired and sore to give a shit about anything. But I would have liked to have seen his butt naked body once again. I hope I get to see it again, but hopefully when I am feeling much better than I am at the moment.

Turning my head aside, I tried to get myself into a more comfortable position and have myself a little nap again.

Feeling a sting on my hip, I turned to see that the man had just jabbed a needle into me. This time it was a syringe.

"What was that?" I croaked out to him through the pain I was still feeling after having all of my wounds cleaned, especially this last one that he stitched.

"Antibiotics. That was the third one I gave you in the last twenty four hours. I also have this for you too." He was saying to me as he held his hand out to me after pushing the syringe into the limb on his other hand.

I saw when I glanced down that there was a couple of little white pills in the palm of his hand.

Glancing back up at him with a questioning look on my face, I asked him what they were. But I think I already knew.

"Sedatives to help you relax so that your body can heal a little more without you resisting it." Was what he said, confirming that he did indeed have sedatives and that I am pretty sure that he has already given me some prior to now.

"Not the first time you've given me some I suppose?" I asked him quietly as I reached over to grab them out of his hand and toss them into the back of my mouth before grabbing a handful of water to help with them being swallowed.

"Thank you for looking after me." I said to him very quietly as I rolled back over away from him and closed my eyes hoping that the little pills would go into effect really soon.

Several hours later...

Feeling consciousness coming back for me, I just lay there on what I think is the sleeping bag now feeling a lot more comfortable than what I had been earlier.

I guess the man had moved me out of the water on to drier ground, so to speak.

having a sniff when i could smell something, I noticed that he had started a small fire when I was sure that he said that he wasn't. It wasn't just the fire that I could smell, but there was something cooking over it on a makeship spit.

It looks like a rabbit I think.

But then I couldn't really tell or care for that matter what ever it was since it was smelling so good as it was cooking. Which was causing my mouth to be a little mouth watering over the prospect of having some cooked meat.

I haven't had any cooked meat in weeks. Or probably more than a few weeks actually.

I had to get my food wherever I could without any of my brothers or their guests catching me. I tried to avoid them all the time. It was too dangerous for me I found when I saw them dragging one of their newest female victims into their little lair that have.

That lady wasn't one of the lucky ones after I tried to get her out. But she thought she'd be right as rain. But I knew better and told her so. The next time I saw her was when they let her get her head start.

I knew she wasn't going to make it when I saw her naked bruised and bloodied body staggering away into the bush. She was hurt bad and I couldn't help her at all.

I suppose that's why I ended up knowing so much about the caves here that anyone else did. I hid in them until the others had finished their ugly parties and their ugly games.

Hearing a sound coming from the waterfall, I was pleasantly suprised to see the naked god again as he pulled himself up and out of the pool. This time though, I noticed that he didn't have either of his prosthetics on since he was in the water.

The missing limbs really didn't detract from the mans good looks either. I don't think anything could as I examined the man as he was getting closer to me.

If I have to say one thing about the man, he was one beautiful baby making machine. He really was, I was thinking with a dopey smile on my face as I watched him attach his prosthetics and finish the walk back over here to where we were after climbing out of the water and drying himself off.

I was suprised to see that he actually dropped a large fish down on the rocks beside the fire and then reach out to check the roast as it was cooking.

"Smells good." I murmured to him watching as he froze for the briefest of moments when I spoke before turning to look at me.

"How do you feel?" He then asked me after a moment when I saw him reach out and begin pulling on his pants again.

Damn, but the man knows how to ruin a good view.

"Sore, but not as bad as I felt earlier." I said to him as I tried to push myself up so I could sit up.

But I wasn't having much luck doing that and he had to come over and give me a hand.

"Thank you." I said as he sat me up straight on the sleeping back and then tugged the Tshirt that was laying close by over my head and after tugging my arm through it, he then tugged it down so that I wasn't distracting him.

At least I think that was what he was hoping anyway.

"Feel like eating?" He asked me as he went back to squatting down in front of the fire where he checked to cooked food as well as lay the fish on the closest rock so it too could cook.

"Where'd you get the fish?" I asked him after he passed me some of the meat that he cut away from the roasted animal.

"Deep end of the pool. There was a few. I already ate a couple that I caught." He said, sounding pleased with himself.

"I never knew if there was any fish here or not. I suppose that's good to know now." I said as I chewed the meat which was practically melting in my mouth.

It tasted so good after scrounging for food or either eating it out of a tin can.

We just ate the food and had water to drink and didn't do much talking for a while. But when we did, it was to plan for the next day. The day we were finally making it out of here and hopefully back to the camp that he has been aiming for over the past few days.

At least I hope so. The man said I have been getting much better now. But I still needed to get proper medical care.

I don't know of any more caves after this one and told the man so too. So tomorrow was it.

We walk out. I hope.

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