A Little Embarrassment Doesn't Hurt Anyone Part 11

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18th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited.

Norleenah's POV...

I just saw a butt naked man, the very first one I have ever seen.

And frankly to be honest, I didn't mind this one either. Knox was built like a tank and I think he knows it too. A well running and smooth tank at that.

If my damn shoulder wasn't throbbing as much as it was, I would have appreciated the man's body a little bit more than I was as I lay back down on the side of the water and waited for him to come back.

But when he did, I was feeling a little disappointed. He had his pants on I noticed. Damn it.

Closing my eyes as he came to kneel down beside me, I also noticed that his prosthetic limbs were of the newest and most updated kind. The best for our soldiers and he was able to use them very well too regardless of the situation we were in.

He was very adept at what he did and at the moment he was threading some more thread through a needle. I also noticed that he had the alcohol spray with him along with a few swabs.

Hell and damn, he was going to clean my shoulder again and stitch the wound up again. But to be honest, I thought I would have been a little more better than I actually was when he started that.

This water really is good.

I have been here before and had lain in it when I had been hurt once before. This stuff should be bottled and sold since I know it is so good. But people like my brothers would come along and ruin the place.

So I haven't mentioned it to anyone, until now that is.

But I won't be sharing it again with anyone else. It was too beautiful of a place to have people come and ransack it. Which they would.

Seeing that he was nearly ready, I rolled over giving the man my back so he can start.

Feeling the alcohol and swabs being wiped across the wound brought a hiss of pain from me. But I kept still as a button when I felt him prepare to stick that needle through my sore and sensitive flesh again.

Hissing at the sudden protrusion of the needle, I shoved my fist into my mouth to stifle the groan I know he didn't miss hearing.

Feeling the needle with felt like a red hot poker to me slide right through one side of a gash and then into another brought more groaning.

It was agonsing and after the first stitch was tied in, I focused on the waterfall that was falling fifteen feet from us, watching how the water was gently falling into the hole to slide down the rocks to trickle into the pool below it.

Then I focused on the rocks that glowed in the dark recesses of the pool, just out of the light so that the pool reflected what appeared to be dancing lights across the roof of the cave as the water reflected the small amount of sunlight back up towards the roof.

This place looked magical the first time I found it and it still looks magical to me now.

I don't know how long he sat there stitching me up, but it felt like it had been forever before I felt him pull me up to check the other wounds not far from that particular one.

"Do you want to lay back in the water for a while?" He asked me in a murmur as he held me steady sitting in front of him with my back to him.

"Yes. A few hours should help heal it. I have found that out from being here before." I said back to him as I wiggled away from him and back down onto that lip that was jutting out in the pool that i had been laying on for a while.

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