Chapter 7 First Crush & First HeartBreak

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You was afraid to tell the boy of your dreams you loved him. His name was Matthew Williams. He was your best friend and your first crush. But you didn't know if he'll say yes. You wore a mint green dress and went to Matthew's house. You was scared out of your mind but you needed this feeling in your heart to stop.

You knocked on the door and Alfred answered the door. He smiled at you"hey ___ what's up?" you blushed cause no one but your brothers saw you in a dress."i-is Matthew home?" you asked hopeing he wasn't so you didn't need to do this. Alfred nodded "yup he's in the living room". You gulped and walked to the living room.

Matthew was sitting down reading a book. He was 2 years older then you but you didn't care."M-Matthew?" he looked up from his book and smiled "Hello ___ and I told you Matty is fine" you blushed madly and yelled"IREALLYLIKEYOUWILLYOUGOOUTWITHME?!" he was shocked at how fast you went but understood what you said. He frowned a little "I'm sorry ___ but I don't like you that way..." you teared up "its fine...totally fine" you ran out of the house and headed to yours crying. Matthew yelled out something but you didn't care what he said.

You cried in your room for three whole days. You didn't come out but only to eat and go bathroom. Your brothers were all worried.

Tino's Point Of View

___ locked herself in the room for three days now. We was all pretty pissed. Emil and Lukas went to talk to Matthew. Me Berward and Mathias stayed and waited. I wanted to see if __ was okay. I went to her room and saw her crying her (c/e) eyes out from a broken heart. i sighed and sat beside her."___ you okay?" she looked up at me and said"am I that ugly?" I sighed once more"your not ugly ___ Matthew just doesn't want a relationship right now is all~^^" she smiled at me"thanks Big brother" i smiled back and kissed her head."Anytime sister~"

Emil's Point of View

Lukas and I both talked with Matthew and he said he had a girlfriend already and didn't want to hurt her feelings. I was disappointed in him for not telling her and making herself sick. We all said our goodbyes and left. Lukas didn't show it but I know he wanted to beat the crap out of him too.

~week later~

You was feeling better and moved on from Matthew. You still have some feelings for him that won't go away but you moved on thanks to your big brothers support~.

"What could happen next in life~?" is what you say to yourself."I know it will be all okay if my big brothers are here"

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