4- Stuck With Her

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Percy's PoV:

O~kay. Too much drama. I'd rather watch Kdramas and die than being in the middle of this. Just as they finished their thing, the Fates disappeared. I waited for Zeus to speak. Instead he gestured to the space in between Poseidon, I guessed because he had a trident and was wearing a beach outfit, and Artemis. Right after he gestured, a new chair appeared. This one was different from the rest of the designs of other chairs because it was brown like the earth and was covered with vines. It also had a powerful aura and sea mist. In other words, it was the best chair that had appeared in my life, even though I don't know if it'll be comfortable. But anyways, it's totally better than the school's wooden chairs with bubble gum everywhere. I was interrupted from my thoughts by Zeus.

"That'll be your throne." Throne? Wow. But then I looked at Artemis and she was glaring at me like crazy.

"Um... Lord Zeus, why there?" I said pointing to the space in between Poseidon and Artemis. I expected to get shot with a lightning bolt because I'm acting like a preschooler but I'm lucky, he just narrowed his eyes at me.

"It's because you're a minor god of water and the moon." He said. I looked at Artemis and she was still glaring at me. I gulped. Then I looked at Poseidon and he just gave me a warm smile. He gestured at my throne and I was reassured, a little.

"Um okay." I walked toward my throne and when I got near it, I surprisingly grew in size. I was already the size of the Empire State Building, I think, and my height was the same as Zeus'. I sat on my throne and instantly, I felt relaxed and powerful. Then Artemis stood up.

"Father, why is he the minor god of the moon?! I don't want to share my domain with him!" Artemis protested.

"It was the will of the Fates. I cannot do anything about it." Zeus said. I smirked without thinking.

"Why are you smirking?!" Artemis shouted at me.

"Huh?" I tried to put on a straight face. "I'm not."

"Liar!" She walked toward me. "You were smirking!"

"I was not."

"Yes you were!"





"Stop it both of you!" Zeus boomed. Immediately, both of us fell quiet. "Stop arguing like babies! We have more important matters to discuss about. Artemis go back to your seat." Artemis sat down on her thrown, still glaring at me. I don't know if she'll ever stop glaring at me. Doesn't it even hurt her face? "Artemis, you'll be the one in charge of his training." My eyes widened. Oh gods! I'm already dead...

"But why me?! Can't you see that we hate each other?!" Artemis protested.

"Actually, it's you who hate me. I didn't say that I hate you." I blurted out and everyone looked at me. "What?" I asked.

"Artemis, you're the best option. Is there anyone else who wants to train him?" Zeus asked and everybody shook their heads. "See? So you're the one. The matter is settled." Artemis huffed. "Since there are no other matters to be discussed, the meeting has ended." Everyone except Poseidon and Artemis flashed out. Then Poseidon approached me.

"Perseus, since you're a minor god of water, if ever you need some advice or anything, you can come to me." He smiled at me.

"Thank you Lord Poseidon." I said.

"Do not call me Lord, just call me Poseidon. And one more thing. You don't have any parents right?" I nodded. "Will you be my champion and adopted son?" Poseidon smiled sheepishly. I smiled.

"Sure! I'd love to have a you for a dad." He laughed. Then he touched my head with his palm and muttered a Greek incantation. I glowed a sea blue color and I could smell the sea.

"There." He smiled at me. "Now, you're my son." I smiled at him and hugged him. When I pulled away, I saw that he was surprised. I laughed nervously.

"I'm sorry." I said.

"Uh no. It's okay. Besides, you're my son now." He smiled again and flashed away. Only then did I remember Artemis. I turned around and saw her glaring at me with crossed arms.

"Are you done with the drama now? Are you going to start training or not?" She asked.

"Geez. Calm down Artemis. Why do you hate me anyway?" I asked.

"You're such an idiot if you don't know that." She said. "Now are you coming or not?"

"Where are we going?" I asked her.

"To the training area, duh."

"There are so many training areas in the world, you know." She walked toward me and got my hand.

"If you don't want to walk on your own, I'll drag you." Before I could say anything she flashed us off to somewhere. I blinked and saw that it was an arena. Artemis immediately threw away my hand and marched to the opposite end.

"That hurt you know!" I shouted at her while rubbing my hand. It almost dislocated from its socket because of Artemis' force.

"Stop whining and get your sword!" She shouted back. She was already at the other end, facing me. On her hand was a sword.

"Huh? I don't have a sword!" I shouted.

"Then what was that thing on your hand when we fought?!" She shouted back. Oh. But how can I get that now? It just appeared on its own. Maybe if I concentrate... I tried concentrating. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, on the ground was the same sword that appeared before. I picked it up and looked at Artemis whose eyes were wide. I smirked.

"What now?" I asked.

"We fight. What else doofus?"

"Huh? Just like that? You won't teach me or anything?"

"Why would I teach you? You fought well back there." She choked out the last part.

"But..." I was not sure if I could fight like that here. But I had to try. I can't lose to her now or else I'll never hear the end of it. Besides, I have a reputation of being the god of swordsmanship to uphold.

"Ready..." I was not even ready. Looked like she wanted to kill me and end it early. "Set... Go!" Then she charged at me.

Word Count: 1071 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: September 24, 2016
A/N: Hi guys! Here is another chapter for you. This is just kind of a fill in because the real action will happen in the next chapter. Hope all of you are satisfied XD. So, please vote and comment guys! Thank you!

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