3- New God

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Percy's PoV:

The moment she grabbed my arm, all the hair on my body stood on end. My heart started beating fast like I have just escaped from a giant killer shark. Then the next thing I knew was that I was in a grand room that was very large with 12 big chairs in a circle. The whole room was just white but it was beautiful. In the center of the room was a large campfire. Why in the world would you have a giant campfire in your room? I was going to ask the silver girl about the campfire so I looked at my side and I almost screamed like a little girl. Take note, almost. She was huge. As in Empire State Building huge. Not that... Ah nevermind. Before I could panic and faint she released an arrow and it hit the top of the room, which I couldn't even see, and it made some sparks fly. In just a second 11 other giants appeared on each chair. Then the silver girl sat on her chair. I was planning on taking the wise move and run out of here like an ant when thunder boomed outside. I jumped and landed on my butt. Then all the giants looked at me. Wow! I just make a small noise and all of them hear it! They must have super hearing power.

"Who is that?" The big guy with the big, gray beard sitting on the biggest chair boomed.

"Father, I have an important matter to discuss with you." The girl said. Father? Am I dreaming or hallucinating or something?! This is just plain weird. First, a 12 year old wearing a silver frock appears with a bow like that baby Cupid's and start yelling at me. Then, it started raining arrows and I punched my fist like Hulk on the ground and a dirt wall erupts from the ground. Next, it disappears like it was nothing and grade school girls start apearing with more Cupid bows and knives. Then, I do my superpower thing and makes a wall out of trees. Next, I jump on top of trees and starts dancing on the trees while fighting the girls. Then, some gold liquid comes out from the wound on my shoulder and this girl takes me here to a place of giants. This day has a whole lot of weirdness in store for me. It's like I'm Jack (the beanstalk climber), Avengers and Superman rolled into one.

"You pig! Wait till this meeting ends and I will flay you alive for calling me a 12 year old wearing a silver frock with a bow like Cupid's!" Someone shouted in my head. I got a head splitting migraine from all the shouting. Of course, it was that crazy girl. Now she also has mind reading powers. Just wow!

"Father, this boy," She said the word 'boy' with so much distaste. "came into my camp and we had a fight." Her father looked at me sternly. Looks like I'm going to get busted. "He has some very rare powers and he can fight well."

"What powers?" Her father asked.

"From what I saw, he controlled the earth, trees and rainwater. I asked him if he was trained or if he was from Camp but he said that he doesn't know about Camp. He also has no knowledge about us."

"This is a very important case." Her father scratched his beard.

"And there's another thing father. An arrow grazed his shoulder and instead of blood, ichor came out." All the giants' eyes widened.

"What?! That's impossible!" He exclaimed.

"Excuse me father." The giant with a staff, wait... Is that the caduceus?! It must be Hermes! But that's impossible! So if he is Hermes, then she... she is Artemis! The bow and silver oufit is proof. So her father is Zeus! Oh my god. Wait, it should be gods. So let me say it again, Oh my gods! History class is very useful... "I think it's him. The great power. He's not a demigod. My tracking device just exploded because his aura is too powerful." Hermes continued. Zeus looked at Hermes, then me.

"Athena! What should we do with him?" Zeus asked... well, Athena, whoever that is.

"The wisest decision is to get him on our side. If he is really powerful, then he would be of good use to us." Zeus considered this and nodded thoughtfully.

"I agree. We should make him an official god. He should be an Olympian too since he contains great power." All the gods nodded. My mind is almost going to explode with all the weird things and information I'm getting today. And he said something about making me a god. Like what?! I'm more confused than ever.

"Hey you pig! Go to the middle of the room!" Ugh! Can't she stop shouting in my head?! It's really annoying. And why should I go to the middle of the room?! Then an invisible force pushed me to the middle of the room. The winds became stronger and the campfire blazed brightly. Then in front of me 3 crooked figures appeared. I almost vomited. They were like over baked grandmas who were blended together with some pointy things in the blender. They held a bright sea green thread.

"All hail the Fates!" Zeus boomed. All the gods stood up and bowed. I figured out that I should bow too. The Fates? I don't know anything about them but I don't care. Then the so called Fates started to chant in another language. Maybe Greek. After they stopped chanting, all the gods shot me with different colored beams before I could do anything. Then the Fates themselves, hit me with a black beam. It was too much to bear. The pain was so intense. It almost made my knees collapse but I managed to endure it until it stopped. Suddenly, I felt stronger and more powerful.

"All hail Percy Jackson!" The voices of the Fates made me cringe. Another thing that confused me was that they knew my name. "The god of the earth, minor god of nature, minor god of water, minor god of the moon and the god of heroes and swordsmanship! All hail the 13th Olympian!"

Word Count: 1047 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: September 17, 2016
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