2- The Fight

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Percy's PoV:

"How dare you enter our camp you pig!" The girl growled at me. I got annoyed. Why does she have to be this rude and call me a pig?! We could just settle this matter peacefully. But of course if you started it, I'll always fight back.

"Hey! I'm not a pig! I'm a human as you can see. And I didn't mean to enter your camp. I was just..." She interrupted me. She was really annoying me now.

"You dare talk back to me?! I'll teach you a lesson!" She snarled and about a hundred arrows came at me. Strangely, I knew what to do and strength surged through my veins. I punched the ground hard with my fist and a huge wall of earth rose from the ground and deflected the arrows. As soon as it deflected all of them it crumbled to dust. I was amazed, my fist didn't even hurt a bit. I looked at the girl and her fiery eyes chilled me to the bone. Then I heard some rustling and I looked up. A number of girls wearing sliver outfits just like her were on the trees with their bows aimed at me. As I looked back at the girl who called me a pig, several more girls emerged with their daggers. I cursed. They were too many. Then suddenly another idea popped up in my head. I smiled. The girl glared at me and shouted, "Get him!" And another 50 arrows came at me while the crazy girl and the others came at me with their daggers.

On either side of me were trees, so I stretched my arms sideward and brought them together to my front and the trees copied my movement and made a protective wall. Then, the ground in front of me spewed out a gleaming bronze sword. I picked it up and saw that it fit perfectly in my hand. I thanked whoever was guiding me. Then I bent my knees ready to jump and the earth gave me a boost. I landed on a tree branch on the canopy and they saw me. Then the girls on the ground jumped and landed on branches on either side of me. Then it started to rain. Perfect! With the sword on my right hand, I fought off the girls with daggers while my left hand controlled the rainwater to form a shield that deflected the arrows. I was amazed at what I was doing. I was fighting like a war machine and as for my powers... I have used them before unknowingly but this time it's almost as if I've spent my whole life training with my powers. I could control nature and even water. Part of me freaked out while part of me was shouting in my head 'Oh man this is awesome!! Wohoo!!!' Since the girls were not giving up, I continued to fight but I was already tiring out.

Artemis' PoV:

I was so annoyed that a male dared to enter my campground. He even had the nerve to talk back to me! No male who does that goes off easy with me. So I continued to fight. His skills and powers were impressive. He even fought like a devil. I was sure that he was another unruly demigod. But I have never seen a demigod who possessed these kinds of powers. He could control nature and even water. And I could sense that he was tiring out. Then another dozen arrows hit his water shield and the water evaporated. Then an arrow grazed his shoulder and I saw something. Something that glowed... Gold liquid... My eyes widened. It cannot be!

"Girls stop!!!" I shouted and everybody stopped trying to kill the male. He looked at me with a confused look on his face. I slowly approached him and when I got close to him, he pointed his sword at me.

"Don't step any further." He said. "What do you want?" I tried to calm down but I was still too angry with him.

"My lady, what are you doing?" Zoë, my lieutenant, asked me. I didn't answer her but I continued to keep my gaze on him.

"I will not harm you, yet. I just want to see your wound." I said. My voice was deadly calm. He kept his sword pointed at me but he showed me his wound. I was right! It is ichor! The blood of the immortals!

"My lady! That's ichor! But... But he cannot be one!" Zoë said.

"It is. And I'm afraid he is. I need to take him to Olympus." I told her.

"Wait wait! What are you talking about? Ichor? Olympus? Isn't Olympus a Greek place or something?" He asked. Looks like I'll not have a peace of mind until I take him to Olympus.

"Yes. Don't you know about the Greek Gods?" I asked him.

"I know about them a little. History class is finally useful..." He said the last part sarcastically. "But anyway, aren't they myths?" Look like he doesn't know anything. But it seems impossible because of his battle skills. He must have been trained.

"Who trained you? Answer me honestly! Don't lie! Are you from Camp?" I asked him.

"Huh? What camp? Look here lady, I don't know what you are talking about. I'm telling the truth." I could sense that he was really telling the truth. But he should really learn to have some respect.

"Watch your tongue, you pig! Come with me and you can learn about them!" He backed away from me.

"No way am I coming with you! You could kill me any moment!" He said.

"I will kill you right now if you don't come with me! Now will you come or not?!" He made a face at me. I wanted to punch his teeth out.

"Alright." He finally said. I turned to Zoë.

"Zoë, take care of the camp. I will come back after the meeting."

"Yes my lady." She bowed. Then I grabbed the boy's hand which sent electricity down my spine making my heart skip a beat. I don't know what happened but I didn't mind it. I had more important things to take care of. So I flashed the two of us to Olympus.

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Date Published: September 17, 2016
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