1- Mysteries

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A/N: Hi my Persassy friends! This is a Pertemis book and this time Percy is someone else. I'll not spoil anymore so start reading guys!
Disclaimer: All characters and places are owned by Rick Riordan.

Artemis' PoV:

It was the winter solstice and I was called for a council meeting so I flashed myself to Olympus. When I got there, everyone was already there. I sat on my throne just as my father, Lord Zeus, began to speak.

"Now that Artemis is here, let's start the meeting." Thunder boomed outside signalling the start of the meeting. "We have a very important thing to talk about today. Hermes here, has information about it." Zeus nodded at Hermes, signalling him to start talking.

"There seems to be some unknown power that is present in Manhattan. It is so ancient and powerful that it overrode my sensoring and tracking device..." Hermes was interrupted by Ares.

"Stop with the big words. Can't you speak in proper Greek or English?" Ares growled. Zeus gave him a hard look which made him quiet.

"So as I was saying, I am unable to track this power because it disappears from time to time and because it's too powerful for my tracking device. But one thing I know for sure is that it's only present in Manhattan and goes nowhere else. Another thing is that, I don't think that this is a monster or demigod, it's something much worse. Something more ancient than us and something more powerful than us. And, I think it's an immortal." Zeus looked like he has a migraine.

"What else do you know?" Zeus asked.

"The only thing I'm sure of is to get this power on our side. It may get worse for us if we don't." Hermes said.

"Very well. Artemis..." Oh no. Here I come... There's no other job for me in this world than this. But if it becomes a great threat, I'm more than willing to destroy it myself.

"Yes father?" I focused my attention on Zeus.

"You have to track down this unknown power and bring it to me. Understood?" I nodded. "You may start now." I stood up, bowed to my father and flashed myself to my camp.

It has been 2 months and I have still not tracked down that monster. It was really getting irritating. This is the first time in my whole life that it took me this long and I still haven't found anything. A sound distracted me from my thoughts. I took out my bow. Then I heard some dead leaves crunch...

Percy's PoV:

I was just sitting on the grassy ground and leaning on the tree as I played with the twig in my hand. The view of the shimmering lake was nice and it made me feel relaxed. This is my favorite place and I come here everytime I feel troubled. Nature makes me calm down. I don't know why. But I don't find it strange. In fact, I even feel comfortable and at home whenever I'm near nature. Lately, I feel troubled a lot. I just got cheated by my girlfriend... And I don't even really know who I am. It all started like this...

I woke up and I found myself compressed inside of a tree trunk. I knew that because there was a squirrel snoring on my head and because there was a tiny hole which allowed me to see the outside. And of course, I saw trees and branches. I had no idea on why I was inside a tree trunk. Like what the heck?! How can a guy sleep on a bed and wake up inside a tree trunk?! But in reality, I had no memory of sleeping on a bed or anything else. I tried hard to remember anything but I couldn't. It looked like I have amnesia. Then I remembered that I need to get out of this thing first. Silly me... Strangely, I knew how to get out. I placed my palm on the trunk and woosh! It all melted into a puddle of green and brown mud which was absorbed by the ground in seconds. Yuck! Then something heavy shuffled on my head. Oh yeah! I forgot about the squirrel! I grabbed it and looked at it which made it squeak. I laughed and placed it on a nearby tree branch and it ran off. I tried again to remember something and this time something came into my head. "Perseus Jackson" a voice seemed to say in my head. It sounded like a name so I decided to use it. Then I examined my reflection on the nearby river. I looked like a 12 year old who was so handsome that he could make a world record. *wink wink* Then I saw something else on the reflection. It was a man in a black suit with a black briefcase. I turned around super fast and fell in the river. Surprisingly, I didn't drown or get wet. "Get up and follow me." The man in black said with a very low and authorative voice. Since I got nothing to lose, I got out of the lake and followed him. He took me to a school and said, "Go to school. I'll fetch you later." I was very confused. But I followed his orders because his look made my hair stand on end. The moment I stepped inside I was embraced by a blonde girl. "Percy! Where did you go? I was so worried!" I looked confusingly at her and said, "Who are you?" She looked at me with shock. "I'm Annabeth! Your girlfriend! I think you just woke up from a nap. We have to attend class." Then she dragged me off with her. I decided to act along. When it was dismissal the man in black fetched me and took me to a house. I had everything I asked for. It went on like this for a few days until I was cheated by Annabeth. She acted weirdly today. Then the bell rang signalling lunch and some boys started to annoy me. They were the ones who usually bullied me cause I have no parents. But today, they went over the line. I couldn't stand it anymore and the next thing I knew was that they were lying on the ground. Then Annabeth slapped me and screamed at me and ran off the to the leader of the group, Zid. Then she shouted at me, "I'm breaking up with you! I hate you!" Then she kissed Zid and that broke my heart. Over the months, I got used to Annabeth being my girlfriend and even began to love her. But because of that, I learned not to trust or love anyone so much. And cause I couldn't bear seeing them make out, I ran away from school and now I'm here.

Just thinking of that made my heart ache so I decided to explore this forest. As I was walking, I smelled something delicious. It smelled like roasted marshmallows with hotdogs. So I went in the direction of the smell. I pushed some branches aside and came into a clearing. Then my eyes widened. In front of me was a girl about my age with a bow, wearing a silver outfit. And her bow was pointed at me...

Word Count: 1193 (excluding A/Ns)
Date Published: September 17, 2016
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