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/AN: Short Chapter..Sorry/

*Kayla's POV*

I wake up and feel a pair of strong hands around my waist, Niall's.  I turn around and face him. His face is so calm, like nothing could disturb him. I brush my thumb over his cheek taking in his features. His face turns into a smile and his eyes flutter open.  

"Good morning beautiful," Niall says in a sleepy voice.

"Good morning," I give him a kiss.

 He smiles and sits up, checking his phone. "Kayla, Liam just texted me and asked if everyone wants to go to his house tonight for a movie night. Do you want to?"

I smile. "Yeah that sounds like fun and it would be fun meeting everyone. I know that it's a Sunday but Kaleigh and I don't have work tell Tuesday. I don't know about Olivia though, I'll text her and ask." He smiles at my answer.

I get up and get my phone from my purse. I text Olivia and Kaleigh:

Me (to Kaleigh and Olivia):  Good Morning :) Niall just told me that Liam texted him and asked if we all want to go to his house today for movies and stuff. Do you want to? Can you?

Kaleigh: Hi :) Harry already asked and I said yes. We don't have work tomorrow so we can! Liam wants us all there at 4...So have Niall drop you off at the house around 1:30 and we can all drive there together. Does that work?

After reading the message I ask Niall. "Babe, Kaleigh said she is going and we all need to be there at 4, can you drop me off at the house around 1:30?"

"Yes babe, that's fine."

I text Kaleigh back.

Me: OK! Niall said it was fine. See you at 1:30!

Kaleigh: Kk! It will be fun! Love you!

Me: Love you too!

After I finish texting Kaleigh I put on my clothes from yesterday. Niall puts on a plain white shirt, sweat pants,  a snap back, and black Nike's. We head downstairs and have breakfast. I have Cheerios and he has Fruit Loops. 

My phone buzzes. 

Olivia: Hey :) Louis got that text too and I said yes. I don't have to work tell Tuesday ether, thank god. Kaleigh already told me about being at the house at 1:30 and at Liam's by 4. Love you!

Me: OK good! It is going to be super fun! Love you too!

"Is everything taken care of?" Niall asks as he takes my bowl over to the sink.

"Yes, we are all going. I can't wait to meet everyone!" I say with a huge smile and follow him over to the sink.

"I can't wait for them to meet my girlfriend," Niall says kissing my cheek and looking at the clock on the microwave. "Wow! We slept late! It's already 12:00. We should get you home."

"OK babe."

Niall grabs his car keys and we head to his car. He drives me to my sister and I's house. Today is going to be awesome!

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