Tim Burton facts

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I have to do research on Tim Burton for school and decided to add some facts about him here. His work is really awesome.

Do enjoy!


1. His full name is Timothy Walter Burton!

2. He was an animators apprentice with Walt Disney Animation Studios!

3. Disney fired him after claims that his film, "Frankenweenie", was too dark!

4. He was slated by critics for introducing too many villains into Batman Forever!

5. He is dyslexic!

6. Tim Burton has a phobia of monkeys!

7. Corpse Bride was created for Helena Bonham-Carter!

8. 9 was the first fully animated Burton film!

9. He has had 3 wives (Lena Gieseke, Lisa Marie and Helena Bonham-Carter!

10. Johnny Depp is the godfather of Tim Burton's children!


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