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Dan's P.O.V

It was a long and brutal 23 hour plane ride to London. I had Phil falling asleep on me on one side, Y/N on the other and minimal leg room. Sure I could have spent the time complaining but Y/N made it better. We watched Titanic on part of the flight and we mocked every single bit of it, from "paint me like one of your french girls" to "I'm flying Jack I'm flying!" Y/N fell asleep on my shoulder about two or so hours into the connecting flight. 

"Love, we're here, come on." I nudged Y/N when we landed, she responded with a groan so I stood her up.

"We're here." I repeated while staring at her sleepy appearance. Even while tired and with messy hair and no makeup Y/N still looked absolutely sunning.

"Noooooo." She moaned as she stretched her arms above her head.

"Yes, now come on, we have to get taxis." I explained.

"You mean we have to go home? Like to our separate homes?" She asked sounding confused and worried

"Yes Y/N, we'll see each other in a day or so, I promise." I told her as I picked up her purse and handed it to her. We got off the plane and I made sure that Y/N got a taxi before Phil and I did.

"It's going to be weird not having Y/N around all the time." Phil commented as we got into the taxi.

"Yeah, but she'll still be over plenty." I told him.

"Yeah, that's good." Phil smiled.

"Do you think she'll be okay to sleep alone? I don't want her having night terrors or anything." I said, suddenly concerned for her.

"Dan she'll be fine, don't worry." He reassured me.

"Yeah okay." I said as I looked down at my shoes while thinking about all the horrible things that Y/N would be going through at night.

"Oh come on Dan, she'll be fine! We gotta get a cab before they're all taken!" Phil whined as he stood on the curb with his suitcase in his hand.

"Phil it's London, there's a million cabbs." I told him grumpily. 

"Still." He mumbled, we hailed a cab and were off to our flat. I already missed Y/N terribly. I missed her lips and her eyes, her hair, I even missed the way she smelled. I am so not going to make it through the night alone.

"Wow! Home sweet home! Do you smell that Dan? It smells like snuggles! And toast, why toast?" Phil said as he stretched his arms above his head. It did smell like toast, that was because before we left for the trip I set a piece of toast on fire on accident and there was literally no ventilation while we were gone, whoops.

"Yeah, phil I'm going to bed, okay?" I said.

"Yeah, me too, I'm tired."

"Same." I went into bedroom and it immediately felt empty. Y/N had never been in my room but still. I didn't even bother to put Pj's on, I just crawled in bed. I was used to having Y/N to cuddle up to at night. She was my little teddy bear, I got to hug her at night but now there was just nothing. Nothing but cold.

Y/N's P.O.V 

You walked into your flat, it was so empty. There was no sound other than your footsteps against the hardwood floors. You walked into your room and set your suitcase down and unzipped it. You pulled out the French neon pink barrette Dan had gotten you in France. Once you had gotten into your Pj's you climbed in your bed. Right now Dan would have been wrapping his arm around you. You felt nothing. Nothing but cold.

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