Chapter One

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Summer 2016

Pacing and panicking, she went back and forth in the toilet. She had two options: go back out into the party and make her ways downstairs with a clean exit, or climb out the window of this toilet and hope for the best. She chose the latter.

Moving over to the window, she opened it. The smell of salt came off the sea, which was less than ten miles away. A breeze came inside, and the boozy smell disappeared. Finally some air to clear her head. However, she chose to look down at the ground, saw that she had to shimmy down and then hopefully not fall and break her neck. But that was all.

Glancing back at the door, she had no choice. She was not going back to that party. She didn't know how she wanted to spend her first night in Edinburgh, Scotland, but it wasn't like that. She cursed herself for doing this to herself. How could she be so stupid?

There was a bang behind her as she threw a leg out. She gripped the windowsill tightly as she almost got her head out, and then hands were suddenly upon her, pulling her back into the house. She screamed and kicked her legs out, but the arms were strong, crossing over her torso. One hand was on her head so she didn't hit her head on the window, as if to protect her, and then a body put her near the sink, letting her go.

She let out another screech. Turning around she saw the person who pulled her away from the window. He was older than her, but it was hard to judge his age. He started clean shaven at the beginning of the night, but already the five o'clock shadow started to work in. His eyes were crystals and shined brightly, undimmed by booze and drugs downstairs. His ginger hair was too bright for her eyes. And if she didn't know any better, she would scream at him. However, she did know better and she knew enough.

"Let's not go out the window," Prince Harry said.

Yes, Prince Harry stood in front of her, and she only gaped at him.

"What were trying to do?" he continued. "Have you done some drugs tonight? Were you trying to fly?" His blue eyes were wild now. "Look, what drugs did you take? You're mad if you tried to go down that thing. It's at least a ten foot drop." He waited, and she said nothing. She couldn't believe her eyes. "You look pretty strung out. Can you understand me?"

Yes, she did understand that. "Rude," she immediately called. "I'm not strung out. I don't do drugs. I was trying to get out the window so I wouldn't have to go through the drug and alcohol infested waters downstairs because people are currently having an orgy. So excuse me for taking the hurt ankle over a man getting too handsy." She looked at the window and decided that was the only way out.

Prince Harry stared at her. "First, you're American. Second, this is definitely not a party you should be at. Third, I'm about to leave; I can walk you out."

She didn't like that. So what if he was a prince? There was no way she was leaving with a male. "First, I am American. Second, what do you mean I shouldn't be at this party? Third, I can walk myself out."

"Is that why you chose the window?" Prince Harry snapped. Sighing, he shook his head as he got a good look at her. She didn't belong here and she didn't know better. It was obvious that she wasn't prepared to whatever went on downstairs. And whatever she saw downstairs, it made her desperate enough to jump out of a window to escape. "Let me walk you out, and that's it," he promised. "You don't have ever talk to me again. You don't have to say a thing. We can part ways, and you can forget about this."

"That's stupid."

"Once again, window." He waved his hands in her face. "What is your choice?"

Biting her lip, as much as she hated to admit it, he was right. If he could've gotten her out of here safely and without her jumping out a window, she would be very happy. She nodded.

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