Chapter Two - Pour my heart out

Kirsty shivered as she walked in Johnny’s room. Even if it was hot outside, Kirsty felt a chilly atmosphere at the hospital. She glanced at Johnny’s sleeping form and sighed, running her fingers through his blonde hair.

“Right. I’ll um, give you two some alone time,” Nikki slipped quietly out of the room.

Kirsty grabbed a chair from behind and plopped down beside the bed.

“Hey Johnny. Can you hear me? I hope you do, because what I’m telling you now is very important. Please be okay. I don’t want you to end up like my grandma. Remember what I told you about her? She was, um, in a coma too. And she didn’t survive. She was a really strong person, and I know you are too. You’ll fight for your life, no matter what, right? You won’t leave me. You can’t. You can’t leave me alone. I need you…”

Kirsty started sobbing, her shoulders shaking as she buried her face into Johnny’s chest. She let her tears fall freely for a while until she heaved up and sniffed. She hugged Johnny tightly, afraid to let go.

“I love you…” she whispered.

“Kirsty? Are you done yet? It’s been an hour,” Nikki popped her head around the door.

“Oh my gosh, you poor girl… come on, let’s go out for a while to get you out of your miserable state,” Nikki tugged at her arm.

Kirsty sighed again, then forced herself to get up. She felt numb all over. An hour felt like five minutes. Kirsty forced a wobbly smile.

“Okay. Can we go get ice-cream?”

Nikki grinned.

“That’s my girl,”

Kirsty licked her strawberry cone and sat down on the bench outside of the ice-cream store. She sighed wistfully as she thought about what Johnny and her plans were before all that happened. They were supposed to go to the beach today. To go swimming together. And they would get a tan then hang out at her house afterwards. Too bad Johnny was…in a coma. Just thinking about the word ‘coma’ made Kirsty nauseous. Nikki looked at her intently. Her glossy black hair cascaded around her shoulders.

“What’s up with all the sighing?”

“I-nothing. Me and Johnny were supposed to go to the beach today.”

Nikki smiled widely.

“Do you still want to go? We can call the guys and go hang out,”

Kirsty shrugged. That wasn’t a bad idea.

“Sure, if you want to,”


“Kirsty! My love! How are you doing? You’re not freaking out are you?” Benny pulled her into a hug. Kirsty frowned a bit. Why was everyone expecting her to freak out? She seized the opportunity to mess up Benny’s hair a bit, ruffling it. Benny cared about his looks as much as he cared about Kirsty. Still, he was the best friend anyone would ask for.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” She tried to smile, but failed miserably.

Benny threw his hands up dramatically.

“I was soooooooooo worried!”

“Relax, Benny,” Kirsty smiled at Benny. He was also Kirsty’s best friend since they were juniors. Kirsty laughed. Benny chocolate brown hair was sticking up in all directions. He frowned.


“Nothing,” Kirsty tried to appear nonchalant, but Benny knew her too well. He checked himself out in a mirror he always kept in his pocket.