Chapter 20

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For the fan art credits to: @xogichan @ArtOFAyanami and @boudan95

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For the fan art credits to: @xogichan @ArtOFAyanami and @boudan95

"Okay, so far they don't know anything. When will we strike again?"

"Patience, if we want to end it for once we have to wait."


It was Saturday morning and Wendy was with Suga at his house watching a movie. It's been 2 weeks since they've dated and they've been inseparable.

They were both happy for once, they fixed each other.

Suga was planning to tell Wendy about him, but he was too afraid. He didn't want to ruin what he already had.

They hate a date planned to go to an amusement park.

They go buy bus even though Suga insisted his driver.

While they were waiting they were standing up. It was really crowded.

"We should've taken my car."

"Shut up, this is fine."

When the next stop arrived even more people came so Wendy and Suga got squished. He was very close to her, but so was this other kid. He was looking at Wendy's body and smirking which made Suga mad.

He pushed him off with his shoulder going completely in front of Wendy. They bus stopped and everyone moved back a bit so they got even closer.

"Still think we should've taken the bus?"

"Grow up," she lightly hit him on his arm.

They arrived at the amusement park.

"Oooo let's ride the rollercoaster! C'mon babe"

Wendy says running towards the line.

"Uh I don't think you can handle this Wendy, it looks like you'll be scared"

"Pleasee I can ride this in my sleep."

"Yes cause you would pass out."

After waiting in line they get on. The rollercoaster was really tall and long.

When it was about to drop you hear a scream.

It sounded like a girl, but it was Suga screaming.

Wendy was laughing the whole time at Suga's screaming.
Suga tried to hold it in for his swagness but couldn't.

He kept screaming like a baby, Wendy thought he was adorable.

When the ride over Wendy was crying not of tears but laughter.

She starts saying in a low voice   "Uh I don't think you can handle this Wendy, it looks like you'll be scared" then starts laughing.

"Alright so what, I'm to swag for this ride."

After they go on all the rides they go to Han river.

It was late and dark, they were walking.

Wendy was chasing Suga when he disappeared.
She was a little scared, until someone grabs her.

Before she could do anything everything turns black.

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