The Love In The Air (Alois Trancy X reader)

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                           Your POV

Riding in the carriage you can see the Trancy residence come to view "my lady______ we are almost there" I herd my Maid Samantha said (she is Sebastian sister) you keep looking out, 'why do I have to marry this brat, I hate him, he tired to hurt my maids brother I don't like him at all' you thought as you pulled into the driveway 'it's going to be hard living here I can tell' you keep dazing off then something made you jump 'm sorry my lady but we are here" Sam said with a smile "OK thank you" you said as you stepped out the wind blow you H/C hair in your face" well is it my lovely fiancé' ______" Alois said "well you here it's.....well you" you said with a smirk "oh now come on I said something nice to you now you say something nice to me' he said giving you the smirk right back "your eyes never seem to look more beautiful in the sun" you said not looking at him but you where not blushing. As you walked in to the manor you seem to remember the first time you came here FLASHBACK

"hurry up now______ or we will be late for the ball"Sebastian and Samantha and Ciel running throw the doors of the Trancy manor. you Looked around in amusement "my lady ________ will you like to dance" Ciel asked you "while yes" you said to your cousin.Your Name is Y/N M/N Phantomhive your mom was the sister of Madam Red (she did not lose the baby in this story sorry) "_______ are you feeling alright" Ciel asked "yeah just fine but i feel like I'm being watched" I whispered in his ear "oh me to" he said looking around.After the dance the light went out "CIEL" you screamed a hand went around your waist " it's fine my lady its Sebastian and sam we have to protect you and Ciel" he said "where is he" you asked "right here ______ I will never leave your side" he said then the light came back on to see all the people looking at something in the middle of the room "sorry for being late but I had something to attend" he said looking over to me "well who do I have here the earls cousin she might a pretty one is she" he asked the crowed clasped and whooped I made Sebastian let go of me "OK we had fun now lets have some fun and dance" you said glaring at Alois.


you came out of it when you herd Alois yell at one of his servants you think is named Hannah "you bloody tart get out of here now" he yelled at her and pushed her out of the manor "well that was kind of rude don't you think Sam" I asked her as loud a I can "well if you don't like it then don't watch or lesson" he said back "well then don't be so loud" you said walking up the stares "well then I guess I'll try to be nicer around you" he said nicely you where shocked "t-thank you" you stammered. When we got to your room you told Sam to stay out side you started to undress and looked at you contract sigh on your right side 'after Ciel got back we both had butlers in toll but I never knew they would be related in anyway' you thought to your self as you got in the bath ' I need this' you said while washing your hair.  As you got haft way done Alois came in with a towel around his waist " is it a right if I join you" he asked I just sat there " I'll take that as a yes " he said while dropping the towel to the floor you moved away just a little to let him in " you are really quite... I like you but if I talk to you you better look me in the eye we are getting married tomorrow so let get this over with" he said lifting you face up to meet His eyes " you do know what I want from you do you" he asked " you want sex" you said bluntly " good girl" he said while pulling you over to him " let's start" he said while missing your neck you tryed not to moan but failed. You finally give in raping your legs around his waits and kissing him (sexual content) I can feel his lower part hit my tight I moaned " get in me now" you screamed " yes my love" he said while slowly trusting in to you it was sheer pain then pleasure " oh... my...gooooodd fuck me" you screamed " what do you think I am doing' Alois said panting like a dog " I'm going to com_______ be ready in 6 5 4 3 2 ahhhh fuck me ______ your so fucking hot" he said coming to the end we laid there for a little on the water then I get out " I am tired I will not be coming to dinner I have to talk to Ciel and let him know I made it OK" then walked out.

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