She Caught A Glimpse Part 10

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17th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Knox's POV...

I've been in the armed forces since I was a young teenager. The fact that my size is what it is, was making the age I was telling everyone who asked believable when in actual fact, I was only thirteen when I first joined up.

I was just on six feet in height, had fallen in with a bad gang in town and had taken my first kill when I wasn't quite twelve which didn't stop me either despite the circumstances of why I killed him.

Predators like him needed eradicating. He just picked on the wrong kid this time.

I might have appeared to be a weak kid, but living on the streets as long as I had made me toughen up and do things I doubt I ever would have done if I hadn't been where I was.

But I needed to survive. It wasn't until another bigger gang decided to make a move on us that changed all of us who survived. Which was only five of us.

Apart from me, there was Dane, Rocko (Richard), Judah and the meanest one of us all, Peach. Don't ask me what his real name is. None of us know and we aren't going to ask either, even after this long a wait.

All of us were nearly all the same age and after running off together that last time, we just lived from day to day until we broke in to what we thought was an abandoned house.

But it wasn't as abandoned as we thought either.

The Preacher lived there. It was The preacher that turned our lives around and made us a family. A family of sorts. He was the one who took control of us and whipped us into shape.

He did it by enrolling us, or more like enlisting us in the army.

The Preacher was an army chaplin who had been serving in the army overseas for years before coming home after being discharged after being sustaining injuries when trying to help others who had also been hurt before he had been.

He had been discharged nearly a couple of years ago and wasn't happy about it.

He had been wallowing in his own self pity for sometime until we came along. What none of us realised was that he was only about ten years older than us and that his upbringing was very similar to our own.

Anyway, being in the army and then becoming a member of this elite group of people has shown us many things that exist around the world. Some of them good and most of them not that good either.

But nothing like this waterfall.

You would think it was loud as it was falling, but the only thing we could hear was a slight trickle. I think it had something to do with the way the cave we were now in was formed and how the water was falling.

There was a small opening above us that allowed the water to fall in to the cavern and seeing that it was overgown with trees and shrubs, I doubt that it was easily seen from the air if you flew above it.

Hearing a sound, I noticed that the kid had moved away from me to stumble her way down to the edge of the waterfall's pool which had a funny glow to it. A closer look showed that some of what I was looking at had a natural florescence about it.

A glow in the dark waterfall sort of. I wondered if it was seen of a night from above?

I was I had to admit, a little mesmerised until I saw that the kid had lowered herself onto that ledge which was a few inches below water. l

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