The Hunger Games, Fairy Tail style (NaLu Fanfiction)

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I woke up to see that it was still dark. No light was to be seen, had to be morning already, didn’t it?
I cautiously stood up from my bed and walked to my window. After opening the curtains, I saw something horrible.


“Hey Natsu! Do you want to go on a job with me?” I asked the pink haired boy, who was fighting with Gray. We hadn’t been on a job for a lot of days and I really had to get money to pay my rent!
He looked up from what he was doing (kicking Gray in the face) and grinned at me with that goofy grin of him.
“Of course I want to! But I first have to-”
He was stopped mid-sentence.
“Everyone! Come here, I have to tell you all something!” Our master, Makarov, suddenly shouted.
I looked up like everyone else.

What could possibly be wrong?

We walked to the bar counter in the building and formed a group around it. Makarov stood on the bar counter with a sad look in his eyes.

This had to be serious.

“We all know, some serious things have been happening in the districts. Magnolia, the Fairy Tail guild’s City, is one of the poorest, so we are getting a lot of trouble already.” He began.

He was speaking the truth. Our districts, the Cities of Lamia Scale, Sabertooth, Blue Pegasus, Raven Tail, Phantom Lord, Cait Shelter and Gramlush, were in deep trouble. The districts all consist of Wizards and non-wizards, but the members of the guilds I just mentioned were the only ones who could use Magic. Everyone else in the districts were non-wizards, just citizens.

A couple of weeks ago, a weird man had appeared in the Land of Fiore, our country. He claimed that districts should be ruled by a certain group of high people with extremely strong Magic, so no war would come and everything would be peaceful.

That made everyone furious of course. I mean, who the hell wants to give up his freedom to listen to a weird guy and be obedient for his so called ‘peace’?
If this man was going to take our freedom from us, us districts would have to do something about it.

But master Makarov was right. Fairy Tail was in trouble too.

“The higher ups from district 6, Lamia Scale and district 7, Cait Shelter have asked us to help them in their fight against the Capitol, a group of people who have joined the Rebel.”
Some people called this man the ‘Rebel’. Don’t know why, but seeing that we didn’t know his real name, we also started to call him that.

“It seems that the Rebel has gathered a LOT of people, and he now has an army. He’s going to fight us all, trying to get us kneeling down for him. But we have to fight back!” Master yelled.
“AYE, SIR!” Happy, a blue flying cat and the friend of Natsu, yelled. He sat on Natsu’s head, looking very determined. Just like Natsu.

I hadn’t seen Natsu as serious as this in a lot of time. He was really determined right now, willing to fight an army to keep his freedom.

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