xxxxx Chapter 5 xxxxx

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"Sometimes enemies make better friends, than your real friends."


I drove Garett to the hospital screaming at him to keep pinching his nose and he screamed back it hurts. I screamed back that my fist would hurt even worse if I saw a spot of blood in my car. He groaned, pinched the bridge of his nose and glanced out the window as we sped by World's Slowest Drivers. 

I turned the radio up and Use Somebody by Kings Of Leon was playing. I gasped quietly because I hadn't heard that song in forever. I turned it up louder and started singing along.

I've been roaming around

Always looking down at all I see

Garett turned his eyes to me and rose a eyebrow. I ignored him and continued to sing.

Painted faces

Feel the places

I can't reach

You know that I can use somebody..

I paused at Garett's voice. "You're so gay."

"Don't interrupt me while I'm singing." I responded.

Someone like you

And all you know

And how you speak

Countless lovers

Under covers of the streets

You know that I can use somebody


I pretended to play the guitar as we stopped at a traffic light. I shook my hair back and forth as the Anthony, the singer repeated the last line. 

"Someone like you!!" I shouted and brought the instrumental in. I found Garett laughing at me as I carried on until the car behind me honked the horn and sped around me with their middle finger out the window.

"I'll break that bitch, test me!" I shouted out of the window, but they were long gone.

I sighed and stepped on the gas. "Stop laughing at me." I snapped at him who laughed harder.

"You're fucking insane!"

"So's your mother for having you." I whispered the last part to myself and bit my bottom lip. 

"You also sing pretty good." He said after his laughing died down. I blinked twice not believing I heard something nice from this prick. 

"What did you say?" 

He cleared his throat. "I said you sing pretty good for a gay guy."

I rolled my eyes. Yup, back to block one.

I entered the hospital through the emergency entrance and parked in the disabled parking space. 

"You're not handicap." Garett informed the obvious. 

"Nope," I got out the car and he followed. "But you are." I poked my tongue out and dodged his angry insults as we walked into the hospital.