Chapter 20 ~ Pry ~

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Yes I'm still alive! I apologize profusely for not uploading for so long. For anyone who isn't a fan, I'll explain why my upload is so late. For others who are a fan and got my message, you can carry on to the beginning of the chapter. :)

The reason I haven't uploaded in so long is because my brother's girlfriend is in the hospital on permanent bedrest till they do a c-section to take the twins out. Yupp, twins. :) She's only seven and two weeks (I think) along and the blood flow to one of them was starting to close off and still is. I stayed with her in the hospital one night and then we had a baby shower for her the next and it's just been super busy. My nieces will probably be here next week. :) Though, they'll only weigh about 3 pounds.

Thank you guys so much for waiting patiently for this chapter. And for all my new fans, I'm sorry if I haven't personally thanked you for becoming one. It really means a lot to me.


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Chapter 20 ~ Pry ~

Dinner was filled with tension and ended with a horrendous fight, leaving Adelaide full of gravy and potatoes, Blake with ham and cranberry sauce in his hair, Master Carthwrite with creamed corn down the front of his suit, and Meena and I splattered with everything else. Mr. Crowley was the only one that managed to miss the brunt of all the food flinging, except for a bit of cranberry fluff on his shoulder.

“That is enough!” Master Carthwrite's, all too familiar, venomous tone filled the room. “Everyone go get cleaned up. Dad, there's a spare room at the end of the hall. Girls, go change and I'll have Gretta bring you dinner. Jack-” Mr. Crowley cut him off.

“Calm down, Michael, I'll clear the table. You guys need to get cleaned up.” I could see Mr. Crowley holding back a smile.

“I'm disappointed in both of you. Resorting to throwing food like infants? You are both adults, act like one.” His teeth clamped together before he left the room. Not wasting another moment, I grabbed Meena's hand and ran out of the room.

“Why were they fighting like that? What did Master Carthwrite mean by 'infants'? What's an infant?” Meena's questions seemed to go on and on till we reached the bathroom.

“An infant is a baby and he was telling them that they were behaving like children.” I told her, wiping some unknown food off her cheek.

“Oh, but why were they fighting like that? Adelaide wasn't being very nice.” A small frown formed on her face.

“They don't like each other much, but we shouldn't pry into their business.”

“What's 'pry'?” I smiled at her eagerness to understand.

“Prying is like trying to find out things about people that have nothing to do with us.” I changed out of my clothes, into clean ones, as Meena repeated the word.

“Pry. Pry. I like that word. Can I use it?” Chuckling, I nodded. She squealed happily for a moment before a frown took over her face. “Where's Pickles?!” Tears began to fall down her rosy cheeks.

“Hang on, I think he's back in the kitchen. I'll go get him, okay? You stay here and play with some of your other presents.”

“You promise you'll find him?” She rubbed her eyes clear of tears.

“I promise. I'll be right back.” I marched out of the bathroom and waited till she was safely in our room before going to find Pickles.

“Michael, giving her a gift isn't going to make any difference whether you like it or not.” I stopped, moving as close to the kitchen doorway without getting caught.

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