A twist in fate (an Ashton Irwin fanfic)

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let me just start from where it all began firsthand.

My name is Faith Jones.

I was 18 and living a normal life like any other teen in highschool.

my state of mind was great. I was a happy blissful girl that enjoyed life.

I was Faith.

The girl that was always making everyone laugh.

The girl who wore converse with dresses instead of heels.

The girl who was never afraid to step outside of the line.

who was never afraid to speak her mind.

I had two best friends named shane and becky. Becky was very quirky and girly and fun to be around. Shawn was the funniest guy I had ever met and he was so energetic. they were my ride or dies. I had known Shawn since kindergarden. and then there was Brett. The popular likeable tall blonde boy with green eyes. He was irreplaceable. He was my everything.

Brett and I had been dating for over two years now. He was very special to me. I had my first kiss with him and I'd never really felt the same way with anyone else as I did with him. There was something about us that just automatically clicked when we met sophomore year.

But everything wasn't fine and dandy all the time.

Everything was real with Brett, I thought I had finally found someone who was different from the rest. Things were beyond perfect until three months ago.

When Brett threw the first punch.

We had been arguing late one night and his temper got the best of him.

I can still remember that night like it was yesterday.

From the moment he lunged at me everything went in slow motion. It was scary because I saw the distressed look on his face. like he really wanted to hurt me. After that night I didn't feel safe anymore. It was the saddest moment ever seeing the one I loved so so dearly trying to harm me. I didn't know what to think anymore I didn't even want to believe it. It was like one of those moments in the movies. "You Hurt me!!!!" I yelled out in despair.

It was frightening. I was the closest person to him and after two years of knowing him I never would've expected what happened to happen.

I ran away from him that night. but I didnt have anywehre to go. I cried and hid in a ditch for hours. eventually he found me sitting on the street a block over and drove me back to the house.

He tried to brush off. Like what he did didnt really phase him. almost like he had done it before.

He promised me he'd never do it again and I belived him. I kept quiet. I didnt tell becky, Shane, my mom or even my twin brother Garrett whom I shared everything with.

But even that night I knew things weren't quite going to be the same as they used to from now on. They always say if he does it once he'll do it again.

The incident tore me apart from him. I had to constantly live in caution because I was so scared it would happen again and I wouldnt know who to turn to. I battled what to do about the situation every day. I had to fake my feelings. I had a war on my mind. I had a completely different outlook on him. to the point where I didn't know if i wanted to be with him anymore. to the point where I started distancing myself from him completely as time went by. Its just really sad because he was that one person that could make me so incredibly happy but that was all snatched away so easily.

Time flied and pretty soon we graduated. after the ceremony there was a big party to celebrate. Becky, Shane, Brett, and I all went as a group. I had to keep pretending with Brett for the sake of becky and shane. He was shane's best friend and I wasnt going to mess that up.

Brett noticed my behavior. I wouldnt lean in as close to him as I used to, hug him as tightly, and when he talked I wouldnt even look at him properly. My eyes would just sort of flutter into space. I couldnt pretend anymore. It wasn't real.

We were alone watching the stars that night drowning in awkward silence (a thing that was never common between me and him) and he threw his hands up in fury. he claimed he gave me everything I wanted and that I was selfish for not treating me the same. if only he had known what I'd been contempulating for the past months. I was a nervous wreck. He got so frustrated he yelled out and slammed me against the car with all his might. I had to escape he wasn't holding back one bit. son of a bitch. he crushed me. I could feel a huge bruises on my back and arms I hit my breaking point. I ran away from him as fast as I could and he tried to chase me down but there was no way in hell I was going to let him win this time. I was shaking and crying and my head was spinning round as I tried to continue running onward. I couldn't breathe. There were voices in my head screaming out at me. it seemed like the whole world was crashing down right before me. My adrenelaine set in and I picked up the pace and ran as fast as I could to my house. The secrets I held inside were bursting at the seam to come out. But I was scared. Oh so scared.

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