Emeraude Richelieu

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Chapter 2 : Emeraude Richelieu

Baker St.

I parked my motorcycle in an alley and waited patiently there. Across me was Mr.Holmes's window, all I saw there, was a cab outside waiting. A few minutes passed and I still saw no sign of Mr.Buttface. Yawning, I looked down at the clock.

Suddenly, Mr.Buttface walks out fixing his coat, he started chatting with the cabbie, and then I saw him getting in. I put my helmet on, started my engine, as the cabbie drove away I did too making sure to stay a good distance far away from them. I wondered where he's going, I followed them until I saw the cab getting to a deserted place. I parked my motorcycle and watched the cab take a turn, I started running after it when I saw they arrived at a university. I watched the cabbie open Sherlock's door, they started chatting until I saw the cabbie point a gun at Mr.Holmes. Looks like blood will be shed tonight... I saw the cabbie put his gun away while Mr.Holmes got out of the car and followed the cabbie. They went through one of the two buildings. I started running towards the building, as an ex assassin, I knew well how to keep my footsteps silent. So I started walking silently searching for a light in one of the rooms, I finally found the cabbie and Sherlock standing through the door. I looked for a proper place to set up my sniper in order to be prepared.

I started scanning the first floor, I saw more than one way to exit the building, I walked into the room next to theirs making sure not to make any noise, I kept the lights off and started setting up my sniper. If anything happens, I can shoot through the window and get out. I set up my sniper trying to get a proper position, I looked through my sniper and saw the two were sitting down. A small bottle is placed in front of the cabbie and inside it was a pill, I can see the cabbie's front through the sniper, he does anything and I can take a shot at his head. Mr.Holmes's back was to me. I saw Mr.Holmes walking towards the door, opening it, I kept the sniper pointed at the cabbie ready to shoot. Mr.Holmes closed the door, and walked towards the cabbie grabbing what seemed like a bottle from the table. He changed his mind, what is he still doing here!

The next thing I know, both men were holding what seems to be two pills in each of their hands ready to take it. I pointed the sniper at the cabbie again and took a shot at his head. I grabbed my sniper and made a run for it before the police arrive. I took the back exit, and headed to where my motorcycle was. I started thinking of what just happened and realized that someone else took a shot at the cabbie from the second building. It must be his boyfriend...

Just saved your brother's ass, but apparently he has a fan - A

Text me the address fast,and go home don't stick around the police - MH

I texted him the address, and started my engine driving back to my place. This has been such a hectic day.

Next day

"Anna, glad you made it on time. I must congratulate you for your work yesterday, well done."

Mycroft said, walking up to me. "Mycroft, I haven't been surrounded with this kind of suspense in a while now you know, it was fun." I said smirking.

"But I don't get it, you were letting me guard the princess, sometimes politician's kids, and important guests that have kids. Why am I babysitting your brother?" I asked really irritated.

I haven't slept last night and everything is up my ass today.

"Well, I would have put you on another duty...however, my brother is a kid sometimes and as you witnessed last night he can be stupid enough to test his brains. I tried asking John Watson to 'babysit' him as you would put it. Can you imagine? He rejected my offer." Mycroft said smiling.

I knew that tone, sarcasm."I can't not imagine, Mycroft"

I fake smiled at him. "What idiot would take the job, if they weren't obliged to!" I said annoyed. "You were always so easily angered, Emeraude" (means emerald, pronounced emeghaud) "Shut up, Mike, don't ever call me that again" I said glaring at hime. "Why? You shouldn't hate your name, it's lovely!" Mycroft said mocking me. "Ugh, it's too french. Can we please get to the point Mycroft?" I asked starting to get impatient about this.

"Yes well, I designed a great place where you can stay at. 221B Baker St. I have informed the lady there that you will be moving in with her"

"Move in? I don't wanna move in with some lady! I want my own place." "We always want things, but we can't have everything Mrs.Richelieu" "Enough with the stupid name Mycroft! How did she even agree with you? Anyone who lives next to Holmes loses his brain cells!" "Well, it's simple! I told her i'm concerned about my dear little brother, paid her a fair amount to pretend you're her niece, and that was it" Mycroft said. I smirked "Holmes will recognize my disguise, you realize that no? When he hears that Mrs.Hudson's 'niece' is in town one way or the other we'll have to meet and my cover will be blown." Mycroft obviously had thought everything through, he opened his laptop and showed me two pictures of myself. "Elegant lady Anna, badass ex assassin Emeraude, to the stupid, simple, and predictable Elizabeth" Mycroft said going through two of my pictures. "Your hair, eye color, make up, clothes, the way you hold yourself will all be changed from that of a very classy lady to a 17 year old school girl" "A 17 year old school girl? Me? Have you gone insane? Are you on a strict diet that now your brain is all fuzzy from the lack of sugar and fat? I can never on my best day pull the face of a 17 year old person! I'm 22 for heaven's sake!" I said amused with the new information I received.

"Well, that won't be a problem. I've prepared big glasses, and a wig with bangs to cover up your face properly. It was quiet expensive to get real hair as a wig i must say, but oh well. I've also got contact lenses, teenage clothing that includes a scarf, gloves, and a hoodie that you must always have on" Mycroft said ending his little lecture. "I see you've thought this through very well, Mycroft" I stared smiling at him. "I have, and I know you're an expert on disguise, I trust that you'll do a great job at it" Mycroft said. "Whoa, I haven't even decided if I agree or not" I said starting to feel a rush of excitement at the new adventure. "I know you well, very very well Em" Mycroft said closing his laptop and walking over to a box. "Yeah, we did spend a lot of time together." I said smiling at the crazy moments I've shared with him. "This is yours, don't let me down, and when I blackmail you it's because I know you're just being lazy or annoying." "Yes I know, stop being weird" I picked up the box and headed over to my place.

I headed back home to change my clothes and appearance, I wore my fake glasses, put my black contacts on and a very natural looking black wig. I took off the fancy blazer and pants I was wearing. Mycroft gave it to me to start my mission. It made me look like a very rich fashionista. I sighed as I grabbed a pair of black ranger boots, a pair of black skinny ripped jeans, and my black tank top with white scribbled and very abstract lines on it. My green eyes, and blonde hair were now covered by very dull colors, just the best way to divert attention.

I packed my things up, which were only four boxes in total and waited for a cab.

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