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I entered the quiet, empty room, feeling a wave of loneliness strike me.

I wanted to go back home, where the closest friend that I had was my brother.

I blew out a heavy sigh and took off my book bag, glancing towards Nash's side of the room.

He didn't have any pictures of what I would infer to be his girlfriend. That is, if he really had one.

I quickly realized there was nothing for a loner like me to do here. Besides, I was hungry, so maybe I could catch Ava at one of the dining halls nearby. I was just praying her friend was anyone but my roommate. Imagine the coincidence if it was him.

With my phone in my back pocket and my key on my lanyard, I hastily exited my room. I began to lock the door after myself when one of the boys in the room next to mine walked out of his own room. He saw me and I quickly shifted my gaze, snatching my key out of the lock.

"Oh, come on. I don't bite," he spoke to me. I shyly looked over at him, remaining silent.

I somehow mustered the courage to send him a courteous smile, but it didn't last very long. Taking a good look at him, I was a little caught off guard. I'd expected him to have been taller or muscular. He seemed to have a build much like mine - small. Probably even smaller.

He was quite skinny, and wore glasses. If I had to take a wild guess, I'd say he wasn't even 18 yet.

"You shy?" he asked, the taunt in his words missing. I straightened up my posture and stared at him with wide eyes. Why was he talking to me? I didn't do anything. "You're shy," he concluded, stepping closer. He seemed a couple inches shorter than me, making him about 5'4" or so. "You don't have to be, really. I'm cool... I think."

I nodded, realizing he wasn't a threat. "Hi," I greeted quietly. I didn't understand myself sometimes. I was socially awkward and a little shy, but with someone like Ava, I felt like I'd known her for a while. Maybe it was her bubbly and energetic personality that brought out some kind of excitement in me. Maybe it was the fact that she actually cared to see a potential friend in me. She invited me to have breakfast with her. I never get invited to anything.

I was definitely going to see if I could find her and take her up on that offer. There was no point in being alone.

The boy in front of me held his hands behind his back, swaying his body from side to side. "Call me Lucas."

"Casper," I whispered my name and he sent a blinding smile my way.

"Um, you're really cute." He chuckled and I couldn't help but blush at the compliment. I didn't get those often either. Should I thank him? Before I could decide on that, he informed, "I'm sort of a nerd, admittedly. Don't worry, I'm not like a grammar Nazi, book worm, math Wiz, or science geek. I just know shit." He smiled proudly. "A lot of shit."

"Oh... that's..." I wanted to say cool, but with my tiny voice, that sentence trailed off like a train.

"Yeah, so if you ever need help on your homework or something... maybe studying for a test, then let me know. We could... grab coffee some time too?" His eyebrows lifted in question, so I quickly nodded in agreement to rid myself of him. He seemed a little surprised, his eyes shining with happiness. "Wow, really? I mean, I usually have to work hard just to get someone to agree on a date with me."

"A date?" This time, I found my voice because it had risen a few octaves, a drop of shock mixed within it.

"Couldn't you tell?" He gestured to his shirt that had obviously been disregarded by me. I looked at it, and it was black with the words I AM THE RAINBOW SHEEP OF MY FAMILY AND I AM PROUD OF IT! on it. "I'm gay," he stated, and sounded as if he'd never been prouder to say it. "I'm actually going to an LGBTQ meeting this evening. Would you... like to come? I-I mean, anyone is welcome so if you're straight that's perfectly fine."

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