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*"No! Don't go! You can't leave me! Not again!"
"Sonia!" I reached out for her hand, but right when I grasped her hand into mine, she disappeared.
I fell down to my knees, my tears dipping down to my face and hitting the floor. I started screaming. I kept screaming out "not again, this can't be happening again". But it was happening again.
"Luciel!" Jumin yelled, running over to me. He bent over and helped me off the ground. I can't believe this as happened once again*

My eyes opened up quickly. I jolted up in bed and grasped my hand onto my shirt where my heart was. My breathing was unsteady. I could feel the sweat dripping down the sides of my face. It was just a dream. But of course, it was also not a dream.
In case anyone was wondering what the hell is going on, here's a summary: I am apart of this group called the RFA. There is a total of six members including myself: Yoosung, Jaehee, Zen, Jumin, V, and myself. RFA was founded by V and his girlfriend Rika, but Rika is no long with us anymore. Mysteriously one day, someone somehow got into Rika's apartment and had access to the RFA app created by yours truly. Since I have some hacking stills, I was able to find out who this person was, and it turned out to be this beautiful girl named Sonia. I've never seen anyone as beautiful as her, my heart could have literally jumped out of my chest and ran over to her the moment I saw a picture of her. Sonia ended up joining RFA and doing Rika's job. Everyone ended up liking her a lot. Mostly me. I fell in love with her so quickly it was unreal. But, Yoosung got her heart before I was able to even get the chance too. I of course supported them deeply, mostly because I wanted her to be happy. Long story short, I ended up finding the hacker that led Sonia to RFA, I decided to go out and find their hide out, Yoosung came along, and all because of me he ended up getting hurt. So many other secrets came out. Ones I was never able to understand. It clouded up my mind and I couldn't focus. Mostly because I got Yoosung hurt. We hosted our RFA party and everyone seemed so excited. Mostly Yoosung. Sonia and Yoosung shared their first kiss that night. But that's when the biggest mystery happened. Right when he lend over and touched her lips, everything froze. Everyone froze, except Jumin and I. Jumin and I looked at each other with the most worry upon our faces. Then a screen came out of no where, and started showing what would have been Yoosungs and Sonia's future together. And then everything and everyone started to disappear, expect Jumin and I. A million questions kept going through my head. I tried running but I couldn't get out of the building. Then everything went dark. When I finally woke up, I thought it was all a dream. But when I checked my messages, Jumin had spammed my phone wth questions and worries. This wasn't anything near a dream. And it seemed history repeated its self. But Jaehee, was the lucky girl who got Sonia's heart. That's when I started questioning everything once again. And of course, after the party the same thing happened. When I woke up again I knew I had to try something to save her. To save everyone else. And stop this from happening again. But it kept happening. Sonia fell for Zen, before Zen was able to give any kind of speech I pulled Sonia aside and explained everything. I even confused my feelings for her. But before I could do anything else, she once again disappeared. The next time around Jumin stole her heart. I guess it hurt worse to see Jumin steal her away, mostly when we both knew what was gonna happen. But Jumin was determined to save her somehow. But it didn't work. He proposed to her at the party, right when Sonia managed to say yes to him, everything froze, and she disappeared. I tried running to her, I yelled out her name and reached out for her but I was too late. Jumin embraced her in his arms one last time, before she was completely gone. And once again everything turned black and I woke back up. I spent a lot of time that morning focusing on how I will stop this. I'm determined to save her. I'm determined to find out what is going on and stop it. I'll do everything in my power to make this resetting stop.
I stared out my window and watched the sun slowly rise up.
"I'm going to save her this time. I will save Sonia. Even if it kills me."

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