Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC (Cause Cheritz liked to give smiles this X-Mas)

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One this I would love to say to this: BLESS CHERITZ FOR THIS DLC. OH MY GOD ITS CUTE AS HELL. In all seriousness though, there's so much thought going to this game that's akin to the developmental process of a $60 video game. When you really think about its really astonishing and rather impressive for a free app.

Okay but there's an Unknown "route", and while I didn't know how to feel about that, I feel like it satisfied the people who wanted one. Personally I wanted a V route but having a Saeran route does seem like an interesting idea and ever since people have said this, I always thought about how Cheritz was going to fit them into the story, since speaking technically, their routes were more or less the first and second secret endings respectively and the plot is kind of evenly spread through the other routes. (Well, as evenly as it can be, Seven's route gets the main focus)

Maybe we'll get them in another DLC type update? (You know what that actually doesn't sound like a bad idea. Cheritz, make it happen. XD)

Zen's Christmas route has officially cemented him as one of my all time favorite MM characters, with Seven coming in second. I get the feeling that Zen's VA was having way too much fun in this DLC.....not that I'm complaining though huehehehehehe. Although usual, he's kind of a pretentious prick on Jumin's route. Yeah, he may be my favorite character but that doesn't mean that he can't get onto my nerves during his route. Then again, its not as worse as it is in the Jumin's original route. Maybe its because there's only two days of the DLC to do and he didn't have that much of a chance to really start grating on my nerves. :/



Cheritz did hint at a romantic Jaehee x-mas route BUT HOLY FUCK THEY AREN'T EVEN TRYING TO HIDE IT AT THIS POINT (Her sleepy voice is so cute though gahhhhhhhhh)

*ahem* (Just play her route XD)

Yoosung's route was adorable. I mean, come on, the guy is literally a five year old. But in all seriousness though, his route did show more of his relationship with Rika before everything went to shit. But here's what I personally find kind of sad: this guy was ready to help Rika out no matter what happened to her. And we don't even know whether Rika truly saw/cared for Yoosung the same way he did. I mean, we get a glimpse of what Rika thought of him but other than that, we really don't have a damn clue as far as her relationship with her cousin went. :/

Edit: V did say that Rika was fond of him during the normal end of his original route but Rika's perspective is....shall we say muddled? She's one of the most hated MM characters but she's also one of the most intriguing characters at the same time.

Jumin's route was somewhat unimpressive at a first playthrough tbh. I mean, there was emotion and intrigue but....idk I have to play through his route to see if I get the same thoughts lmao. But we do get Salty Zen™ at the end of the route and it is glorious ahahahahahahhahaha 

Seven's route I did last cause at this point anything involving this guy should be done last. And if I'm being very honest, I kind of relate to his feelings about Christmas, even though I do celebrate it. Actually, I celebrate it more out of loneliness than anything (sad, I know. Not even my parents know about this XD) It was a rather bittersweet route and I'd be lying if I said that heart didn't feel very heavy by the end of it. Also, young Saeran made me sad all over again jfc the music wasn't trying to hide the feels either and WHY WON'T THIS GAME LET ME LIVE-

(Completely unrelated: "My Half is Unknown" is legit one of the saddest tracks of the game's soundtrack and even sadder once you learn the significance behind the title (when you really think about it, it's kind of already a spoiler lmao) I nearly end up crying every time I play the this song from the album. And yes, there is a soundtrack for Mystic Messenger. The only drawback is that it only comes with the VIP package, which is like $75 and I had to resort to YouTube to find the songs and download them onto my iPod kill me-)

Eh, a bit short, but I barely have enough time as is. XD So a very late happy new years, and considering everything that's being going on lately, try to have hope and stay strong. :D Sayonara!

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