Chapter 7

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"So when did you start?" destery asked, he's fingers tracing over my scars.

"I guess it all started in 7th grade. I had always known I was a big girl. But that was the year everyone pointed it out and started making fun of me, " I explained.

"I had a few friends but none of them knew what was going on. Hannah was at another school. And I was pretty much on my own. I knew what cutting was, and I always said I would never do that. But it got so bad that I went out one day and noticed a broken beer bottle in the driveway. So I grabbed it and went into the woods back behind my house and cut. And from then on I would cut even when I wasn't sad. I thought of it more as a destarction. And I'm really sorry you found out. I didn't want you to." I finished. he just kept tracing his fingers over my scars.

"Well I'm glad i did. Kaitlin I want you too know that I'm here and I will always be here! And just so you know, I can probably think of a few things to distract you if you feel the need to cut yourself. If you know what I mean!" he looked up at me and wiggled his eyebrows.

"Oh really? And what would these distractions be? Mr. Smith?!" I said his last name very low and close to his ear.

He looked back up at me and before I could do anything he had my arms pinned above my head and his lips attacking mine.

"I like when you say my name like that" he said smirking.

" Oh really? Then maybe I should do it again?" I asked.

"I don't think id mind much!" he winked and continued kissing me. trailing kisses down my neck.

"BITCHES! Come on destery stop molesting Kaitlin and let's go do something!" we heard Nathan shout through the door.

"We are doing something, and it doesn't involve you now go away!" destery shouted.

"I'm coming in there and dragging you guys out if you don't get out here in the next 30 seconds!!" Nathan threatened.

Destery and I separated, fixed ourselves and walked to the door.

"Happy?" I asked.

"Very, now let's go partying! I'm bored and I feel that if I don't get you two out of the house the whole place will start smelling like sex." Nathan rambled, while grabbing the keys.

"This is gonna be interesting" destery stated.

I hope it turns out better than last time.

Boy was I in for some trouble......

* sorry if it's short I just really wanted to post a chapter, hope you like!*

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