Part 72 🌞

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Angelina woke up in Leo's bed with his arm around her and his mouth against her forehead. She smiled and just indulged this moment as she just closed her eyes. You woke up to see Raphael was hugging a pillow in front of you as your legs were squeezing a pillow. You smiled at his slumber state. You kinda preferred him all calm like this plus you could stare at him like a creep without him yelling at you XD You leaned over and kissed his forehead which made his eyes open up. "Hey.." he said softly. "aye, sorry, no intention on waking you up." "Its alright, you can pay me back." you rose a brow at him. "And hows that?" you asked. He pulled you close and whispered in your ear "we could have some fun.." he smirked. "oh you don't know how much I would like that..but." You pointed to behind raph to show Rosie sleeping. He closed his eyes and exhaled out his nose, "okay i'll get her a room today. I'll make one if i have to." you smiled "My bwig strwong man." "Dun' talk like that woman." You smiled as you tried to go back to sleep but instead felt arms wrap around your body and pull you into a cuddling state. You smiled big without him noticing :D "I love you raphie." "I love you too y/n-ie" Donnie was outside of the sewers at 6 in the cold sept. morning. He liked it though. Got his brain thinking, and breathing the crisp air gets your heart pumping, and you get to see the sun rise. He was just on some random roof writting in his journal. Some people swing to get ideas going, some go on bike rides, and sometimes people just lye in bed to get ideas. But sitting in the morning dew on someone's roof is what does it for donnie. Mikey was sleeping like a baby in his bed with drool hanging out of his mouth and his legs spread out over the edges of his bed as he only wore Black boxers. Splinter was awake and drinking coffee as he watched TV at volume 10 in the living area.

Sheldon woke up as his sister was jumping up and down on his bed. "wwhhaatttt." he complained with a pillow over his head. "Its mommy's birthday! we have to get her something!!" "Gooo aawwwaayyyy." "but shellllllyyyyyy.!" "aarrrieeeeellll.." he complained as the bouncing child still on his queen sized bed.

At that same morning. A funereal for sacks was in order. They were lowering him down into his grave with pullies. Sacks actually had a very big family, but of course they have no idea what kind of man he was, except for his brother. (Shredder's son)--(don't forget Eric was rescued by shredder.) Non of his employees arrived though. He treated them poorly; like dogs. Although one ex-colleague did show up. Hun but he didn't cry. He didn't feel anything for sacks. He stood in the back with a long black, long sleeved coat with a pair of shades over his eyes.

Your mom woke up with a European man in his bed as she wore only bra and panties in a wicker bed and wooden room. Both of them under a quilt. Her muscular, accented, long haired lover wrapped his arms around her and kissed her fore head.

Your dad sleeping with weed next to his bed and alcoholic empty bottle in his hand loosely. His New girlfriend in the kitchen making food.

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raphael was searching their home for anything new, like room wise. The only other place was the forbidden stair area. He walked up to the stairs to stop and stare without touching them. He asked Donnie whom was passing him sucking on a straw in a juice box. "hey don." "sup." he stopped and walked over to Raph. "How much can this place hold?" he asked as he gestured the area. "Well a typical one level house per square foot is 275 pounds and a house all in all holds 80,000 to 160,000 lbs. SO this can hold about maybe 50 lbs stable and 340 lbs Unstable." "only 50 pounds?" he asked surprised. Donnie took a sip of his juice box as he shrugged. Raph looked at the thing and decided to fix it.
He stacked blocks of cement ontop of one another as he also cemented them together to keep them from falling over. He got the supplies from donnie and the cement blocks are from random parts of the sewer where they were unneeded. He then walked up the stairs and with dons help. Patched up the brick fence-balcony thing. And then repaired the floor cave in that happened earlier in life to you. You arrived with rosie behind you, "whatcha doin there hun?" "Oh (he sniffs as he rolls his shoulders back all masculine.) Just fixing this up with donnie here." He walked down the stairs to show you what he's accomplished so far. He Shows you the Under Belly work underneath the balcony area. How he patched it up and stuff. THen you and him walked up with rosie staying behind looking at Donnie work from afar. "And this surprisingly didn't take to long." he swings the Hammer in his hands and lays it against his shoulder as he smiled. "uh hun, there's a bug on your shoulder." He looked to where you were pointing. He flicked it off no problem. "Sooo what'ya think?" he asked twirling the hammer as it then accidentally flew out of his hand and hit the wall behind you two. "oops." he looked behind himself to see he knocked out a freshly cemented down brick. He bent down to pick it up when his eyes saw a cockroach or two crawl out of the wall. He screamed and flew back onto his butt on the floor. "whats wrong?" you asked concerned as you knelt down to your fiance with his hands behind him propping himself up and his butt on the ground. "n-nothing. I'll take care of it." "You sure? You seemed pretty scared." "i was not scared." he denied. "suurree." you rose a brow with a smile. He huffed as he stood up along with yourself. He then bent down to pick up the brick; he grabbed it and started picking it up as a cockroach trailed onto his hand. Raph froze not wanting to scream, to show how he's not afraid of Cockroaches he is. You were confused on what was stopping raphael. "raphael?" "Yeah?" "you alright? your kinda..frozen." "Yea no i'm fine." he made a pfft noise afterwards. He stood up with the brick in his hand and the roach on his hand all steady like with his arm a few inches away from his body. He lifted his arm up and started inserting the brick back into place. The roach walked along his arm like a bridge to get to his neck. Raphael had the brick half way in as he then started screaming like a girl as he ran backwards out of fear. (The voice actor below who does Raphie-bear screaming XD XD )

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