Heaven Sent (The Wrong One) Chapter 1 Nothing At All

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                                                   Heaven Sent (The Wrong One)

                                                              by VJ Dunraven

                                                Copyright 2012 VJ Dunraven

                                                             Wattpad Edition 

                                               **This version is only a draft**

Author's note: 

I have designed each story in this series so that they can be read independently irregardless of the order they are read. However, if you wish to read according to the proper chronological sequence, then The Promise is book #1, and Heaven Sent is book #2.

Your Humble Writer,



Chapter 1

Spring, 1826

Grandstone Park

Seat of the Duke of Grandstone

    Allayne Carlyle set his sight on the mark. Carefully, he released the safety lock and steadied his grip on the pistol. His green gaze narrowed on the tiny red dot.

   He pulled the trigger.

   A flock of birds flew from trees at the deafening sound. The target rattled from the impact of his bullet. 

   He lowered the gun and raised his head. Gradually, a smile tugged the corners of his mouth.


   A footman unhooked the wooden disk and hurriedly brought it to Jeremiah Devlin Huntington, Marquess of Waterford and Richard Christopher Radcliffe, Duke of Grandstone, for a closer inspection.

   "Damn it," Richard hoisted the disk at an angle so that sunlight filtered through the burnt hole. "How does he do it?"

"Well, old chap, you trounced us soundly once again," Jeremy shook his dark head as he examined the missing small center circle on the board with Richard.

"It's useless to compete with you," Richard handed the board back to the footman. "You have eyes as sharp as an eagle."

"And an aim as accurate as a damn sniper," Jeremy motioned for his valet to gather his pistols and pack them in the gun cases.

"Where are you going?" Allayne handed his pistol to his own valet for a reload.

"Home," Jeremy shook off the gunpowder from his hands and pulled on his gloves.

"I'd best go too," Richard said, and gave instructions to his valet to wipe his pistols and put them in the leather cases. "You’re welcome to practice here as long you like. I will have Gordon bring more refreshments."

Allayne swore under his breath. "Gentlemen, it is three o'clock in the afternoon. It is a fine day for outdoor activities! If you like, we can go riding instead."