Chapter 7

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[Forgetting you means forgetting myself because everything I hold belongs to you.]


Jungkook stood up abruptly as the doctor came out of the room, his impatient look was noticed by all the people present. Taehyung placed his hand on his shoulder, calming him. As Jungkook nodded at his hyung indicating that he was fine.

"Wh-what happened? Is he fine?" Jungkook shot the questions at the doctor who flipped over his note pad papers.

"Mr. Park is fine. Though he fractured his ankle and a slight concussion as well. If you follow me to my room, I will give you further instructions." The doctor replied and Jungkook nodded his head, following the doctor.

They both reached a white door and Jungkook was lead into the room by the older male. They sat in their respective places, as Jungkook looked at the surroundings.

Although he had been to the hospital before when he visited Yuri's mom, this room was unlike the rest that he had seen. White walls here as well, the place was filled with books falling out of the bookshelf and papers scattered over the table and floor. Whilst the paper cups of coffee were crawling outside the dustbin.

"Excuse the mess, please." The doctor interrupted the maknae's thoughts, and tilted he screen of his computer. "If you see here, Mr. Park has fractured his ankle, it will take about a month to heal, depending upon how Mr. Park will cooperate. He has to make sure not to put pressure on it, any kind of weight will harm the injury. It will be painful, so he had to put a cast on it as well as use the help of crutches

"While the concussion, we are not sure of how serious it is. We will examine it after he gains consciousness. Although, most concussion result in constant headaches and it may also be disrupt his concentration, balance, memory and coordination."

Jungkook absorbed the professionally explained situation by the doctor and nodded his head, "Can we meet him?"

"Yes, you can. It's nothing serious but he still needs his rest." The doctor warned the younger one who thanked him and bowed before leaving.


"Where is he? Is he okay?" Namjoon burst through the doors of the room, where Jimin was currently hospitalized. All of the heads snapped at the door, staring at the boy. Hoseok and Yoongi moved a little, revealing the bed where Jimin was placed.

Namjoon rushed to the bed and cupped the cheeks of his friend, "" It hurt Namjoon to see his childhood friend like this. Sure, he hated hospitals but the only time he came was when his mother was hospitalized and when Jimin was. "What did the doctor say?"

"It's nothing serious, a fracture on his ankle and a slight concussion." Jin replied, giving food he bought from the canteen to the boys present in the room. "Have you eaten?" Jin asked Namjoon who just shook his head and said, "It doesn't matter..."

Jin glared at the boy who refused to take the cupcake and chips he got from canteen, "Of course, it does! Come one...I'll buy you something else." Jin dragged Namjoon out of the room. Namjoon complained all the way but the voices were shut off by the closed door.

"You know, it's not your fault." Taheyung said, back hugging the maknae who nodded slightly, remaining silent while his inner-self blamed himself for not catching the boy before he fell.

"You should go home, hyung. I'll stay here, you guys can go." The maknae nodded at his hyungs, turning around so Taheyung can leave him and Yoongi would stop glaring.

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