Chapter 35

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Aphmau POV

As soon as I teleport us back, I take off the barrier blocking the door. Good thing as well because I hear a knock on the door.

"Jess? Are you on there?" I hear Sky shout.

"Yeah! What do you want?" I ask, unlocking the door and opening it a bit so I can see him, hardly.

"I wanted to tell you that I was going out to scout the area that is near our base." He informs me.

"Can I come?" I ask but he just shakes his head.

"Castor grounded you. Just stay here for now with fish here." He says.

"I'm not a fish! I'm an amphibian!" Q shouts. I just stick my tongue out at him before turning to Sky again.

"Fine. Just leave me grounded after I saved you from starvation." I say, suddenly angry before slamming and locking the door again. I then turn back around and go to my bed, sitting on it. I can hear footsteps walking away from the door. Didn't even say anything to me. I just sigh before bringing out the diary, flipping to the final chapter.

Dear diary,

This shall be the last time I write in you. We have discovered the Sky armies base and have flooded it, making it our own base. There are over one hundred trained squids their just waiting to kill any of the Sky army who decides to come back. It was a very good plan told to us by Loki. This is the last time I will be seeing you diary. I have a kingdom to rule but I will leave you in the place. The place that I have lived in the day of my kingdoms death.

King Squidward


"Q, didn't Sky say that he was going to put base?" I ask.

"Yes why?" Q asks. I jump up from my spot and bring out my stick before turning into my Irene form.

"They are going to get killed if we don't get their in time!" I call my charm, not caring if Castor notices before grabbing Quentin and running out of the room to find the rest of the army that didn't leave.

"Guys! We have an emergency!" I shout. Everybody looks up at me.

"Why are you in that form? You know you can't go in that form unless it's an emergency!" Jin shouts, standing up. Everybody is here but Sky, Ross, Barney, Max, Red and Nick.

"It is! The others will die if we don't get their quickly!" I say before letting go of the now blue human wearing a suit.

"What are you talking about? Explain on the way!" Preston shouts before picking up a sword. Everybody who doesn't have a weapon does the same. We all run out of the door and jump into the vans. Why does Mitch have so many vans? Anyway! Everybody jumps into the vans while me, Castor, Katelyn and Cadenza all fly, following the vans. I speed off and leave them, Boomy and Q on my back. After a few minutes with my speed flying, I reach the area to see the others just leaving the forest, a bit of a distance away from the secret hatch. I land in front of them but it was too late. The squids ambush us but before they hit us, I use one of my magics that were locked.

"Where did this barrier come from?" Barney asks, getting into a fighting stance.

"Sorry I was late. If I was a minute earlier then we wouldn't have to fight off these hundreds of trained squids." I say. They all look up to see me now on top of the barrier, showing them an apologetic smile before walking away from the shield, attacking the squids trying to break it. Quentin turns to his human form and helps me. As soon as it's clear around the barrier, I release it, letting them go.

"Thank you! Now let's fight!" Sky says before taking off his sunglasses. Let me explain Sky it Adam. He is known as the leader of budder. People think it's because of his budder loving self but there is a reason. He can turn himself into budder, making his body look the same but with a tiny of gold. It's hard to hit him without hurting yourself. He is also swift and clean even with his heavy body. The amount of budder he is usually by powers him up.

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