Chapter 3 : Dancing under the stars

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THE FIRST Firewhiskey bottle didn't last very long between the two of them.

By that time, both were very tipsy and weren't close to being done. They slipped through the slit of the tent, walking into to the oppressing, humidity of the wedding party. Charlotte grinned at Charlie, as music started pounding throughout the space, making many couples stand up to dance together. The bride and groom were the first couple and were slow dancing to the fast music, their eyes glued on each other.

"Want to dance?"

It was Oliver Wood who asked Charlotte. She glanced at Charlie, panic on her features. He was being cornered by one of the pretty girls from St Mungo's. She wanted to dance with her redhead but she was in the mood to dance, even without him. Even though Oliver was younger, he was in all honesty quite attractive with his Scottish accent.

"I don't bite." His smirk was easy.

"Oh alright, so long as you promise not to bite." She smiled and he grabbed her hand.

They joined the dancers on the floor and started swaying and moving to the fast beat. He twirled her around, laughter following the two like a bubble. Charlotte was having fun, surprisingly. The younger man was a good dancer, and even though she was slightly drunk, she was following his lead gracefully. The music winded down and skipped to a slower, romantic song.

"I think I'll be taking her." Charlie's smooth voice interrupted the two and she greeted her redhead with a smile.

"Alright mate." Oliver patted his friend's shoulder and left the couple.

"Who said I wanted to dance with you?" Charlotte giggled, as Charlie brought her closer to him with his hand dangerously low on her waist.

"Who said you didn't want to?" He countered, as she brought her arms around his neck.

With her high heels, she was almost the same height as him. She rested her head on his shoulder as they swayed, their bodies drawing closer and closer as they fell into the rhythm. His hands tightened around her waist, causing a delicious shiver to go through her.


"Yes, Charlie?" She muttered into his neck, feeling him shiver under her hot breath.

"Let's get another bottle of Firewhiskey."

She pulled away from him and grinned.

"Let's do that."

The two slipped off the dance floor, aiming straight for the drinks table. There was a bunch of butterbeers ready to be taken and a few Firewhiskey bottles sitting on the table. They grabbed a Firewhiskey bottle, no-one noticing the giggling pair. They walked towards the outside, unnoticed by a table full of people laughing, drinking and stumbling about. They slipped past the minister who had ordained the wedding, his disapproval for the drunk festivities clear on his face.

"He looks friendly." She muttered to Charlie.

"Maybe I will have him marry me one day." Charlie laughed.

Charlotte giggled, linking her fingers into his. He tightened his hand around hers and she had a goofy, drunk smile on her face as they slipped out of the tent. They reached the bench and opened the bottle to start their drinking again. They continued talking and drinking, evading the times during the war and spoke about their first few years at their jobs.

"I never thought I would love my job so much. There's so many things that could have made it unbearable, like cleaning their dung or trying to clean up a foot fungus on a particularly nasty Horntail, but I love it. It's exciting, interesting and dangerous and I made amazing friends there." His grin was contagious, making Charlotte relax into him as he spoke.

"I've been to Romania, I wanted to come see you but I don't know where the sanctuary is and it wasn't right." Charlotte said, her words slurred.

"Why were you in Romania?" He was curious, his words just as slurred.

"Long story. Maybe one day I will tell you why I traveled all over the world."

"Today is that one day. I don't know when I'll see you again." Charlie countered, sadness in his voice.

She wanted to tell him, tell him every ugly detail about her years at the Hippogriff Centre but she couldn't. She didn't want him to hate her. She already hated herself enough and didn't want the one man she held up in the highest esteem, to feel the same way.

Slow, intimate music filtered outside, making Charlotte lose her train of thought. She could feel his gaze burning into hers but he wasn't pushing her. Charlie stood up, impulsively holding his hand out. She looked up at him, a confused look on her beautiful face.

"Dance with me?"

"I think we're slightly too drunk for that, Charlie." She giggled.

He pulled her up, bringing her close to him. They stumbled, their actions delayed by the alcohol in their systems. 

"Humour me, Hippogriff."

She looked up at him, and her breath hitched at his heavy, hooded eyes. There was a raw desire in his eyes, she had seen that look before, but never from him. She nodded silently, a blush stealing across her face. He brought her as close as possible, their bodies touching in every single place it could, without it becoming indecent. She couldn't stop staring at him, as they started moving around to the music. The air was filled with an electricity, as their bodies danced together.

She tore her eyes away from his, looking up at the stars above them. She couldn't carry on looking at him, the intensity making her uncomfortable. The muggle's town lights didn't diminish the stars' light, making a slow smile spread on her face. She shivered, a hot wave of desire shooting down her body as she felt his warm, soft lips kiss her throat. He moved away from her neck, his hands tight around her waist. The tension between the two was suffocating her. She giggled, a thought flashing through her mind and looked back at him, his eyes molten.

"I've always wanted to dance under the stars."

"Really?" He asked, the tension gone.

"No." She giggled at his surprised expression.

Disappointment flashed across his face, making her feel bad. She brought her hands up to cradle his face, her eyes catching his.

"But now, I can't believe I never wanted to do this before. Especially with you."

Her words made him swallow, his emotions flashing in his eyes. She put her forehead against his and kissed his cheek. Like a teenager who had never kissed anyone before, she moved closer to his mouth kissing each spot lightly. She felt a growl emit from him and he turned his head impatiently towards her.

Time stopped around them, as their lips collided passionately.

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