Chapter 16: Traditions✔️

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Rhovan was impressed. Though I hadn't won, I can still feel his pride as he walks me home, his shirt draped over me, covering my chest from view.

Not a custom that these people follow, but a new one that he has implanted in our own bond, in our own relationship.

I can't say that it upsets me to be treated differently by him, but it worries me that I will not be accepted because of this.

"There is a ceremony tonight." He says casually, ushering me into the house.

"What sort of ceremony?" I ask curiously, heading up the stairs with him on my tail, both of us needing this closeness, no matter our agreement to take this at a slower pace, me especially. His soul, his spirit helps the bouts of weakness I feel without my magyk and I can't deny that I want him, that I need to feel his body sliding against mine, but I try to ignore the impulse to jump his bones, to ravish him, as we aren't ready to reintroduce that sort of closeness into our bond as of yet.

He pauses, unknowing how to explain, or unwilling to.

"It- it is in celebration of the comin'of summer- of-" He pauses yet again, unsure how to continue.

"What is it called. Maybe I have heard of it."

He bites his lip nervously. "Beltane."

A ritual hosted by sorceress', a ritual that celebrates the summer, that brings fertility to the people and their lands.

It is outlandish to most elven folks nowadays, practiced by few to none, but I've seen books, seen the drawings of us, pointed ears and all, dancing around fires and singing, naked and bare to the world, copulating with one another in hopes of furthering our race, our families, something we haven't had to do in centuries, our race aplenty across the lands.

I'm surprised he's even brought it up. "Are you inviting me to go...?" I ask softly, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"No." his voice is vehement, no room for argument, his eyes wide as he stares down at me, biting his lip harshly, almost drawing blood and there is a long pause. A long, heart clenching pause, before he continues, a pained look upon his face.

"As a leader in this community... I must attend."

His thoughts are spiraling, thinking through the scenarios that could very well play out if I do not join him tonight.

And I can feel my own mind spinning at the thoughts of unclaimed women hovering all over him, hands touching, caressing, trying to claim this man that is almost wholly mine, except almost is the key word here.

Fingers unconsciously reaching up, touching my unpierced nose, my magyk dwindling around me in a sad arc of protection that would do nothing in the face of evil, but seems to be enough to place a small bit of distance between us, seems to block him out of my mind for the time being.

He sighs, kneeling before me as I sit atop the mattress of the bed, taking my hands away from my nose. "I can't yet do that for ya, Imp." His tone is sad and he lets his head hang and though his touch brings me a tingling pleasure that I want to hold on to for as long as possible, I pull away.

"Just go. I will be fine. It's not as if I am a free being in these lands, just lock me in my cage and go about your duties." I don't mean for the words to sound so harsh, but I can't stop the upset I feel.

Without another word he leaves. Frustrated and upset at himself, at this situation, having a need within himself to give me anything I ask for, but unable to fulfill this need because of the unfamiliar green head that is poking into his mind.

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