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Chapter Ten
• • •

I visited the public library; not that I was an extremely enthusiastic student who was dying to start studying something but that reading books was the only thing I could come up with when it came to killing time. I knew I wasn't the fun type. Besides, the library was just across the street and two blocks away from David's school, Kingston Elementary School.

It was Wednesday and David had music class which means they would be released from school a bit latter than usual. I picked a book on diseases and symptoms. I liked reading 'bout them. It was, in a way, also a form of security. As I went through shelves after shelves, I surprisingly ran into Jacob.

"Hey," he smiled at me, looking up from the book in his hand.

"Hi," I replied and my voice came out a little breathless from the surprise.

"You come here often?" he closed his book and faced me.

"No. It's my first time. I'm just looking for a way to kill time while I wait for David," I answered.

"In that case, there's nothing better than boring books to kill boring time, is there?" he grinned.

Surely he joked. There was no way that he would mess with books. He came here for a very good reason. Kendra and Brittany had told me a lot about this smart guy from Spencer's High. Cool and charming as he could be, he was known to give admirable attention to his studies just as much as girls worked to get his attention. But that was not in my case and what he said fitted perfectly in my way so I laughed.

"So, you like reading . . . Science?" He looked at the book I had picked.

"Yeah, it's fun," I said.

"You little pretty nerd." He came over and pinched my cheek as he smiled the mesmerizing Jacob-smile.

Oh, dear. The sudden flick of a smile was so cute.

I smiled back, saying, "Yeah, you old man."

He chuckled and put back his book.

"You come here often?" I asked.

"Yeah. Spencer's High is just around the corner."

"Oh." I nodded.

We chatted away most of our time; among the labyrinth of shelves, as we sauntered on and on and finally ended whispering in the reading room. He gave me hard time struggling to stifle my laughter as he told me all the corniest and funniest jokes. He knew so much he sounded like he'd done global survey.

I checked the time on my phone after about half an hour. It was time for me to leave and get David.

"I have to go get David now." I stood up from my chair to leave.

He walked with me till the main door. He said he had a book to look for so he stayed back. I bet he meant few more books. A second later he called my name and I almost jumped.

I turned back, "Yeah?"

"Are you free this Saturday night?" his eyes twinkled.

"I guess."

"How about a movie?" He smiled, "I swear, It'll be a good one."

For real?!

Inside my head, I squealed.

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