Chapter 24: Straight For The Heart

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Things were looking up for us and if we wanted to put our plan into action, we had to do it fast.

"Are you ready?", I asked Chloe.

"No", she said looking ahead of her, "but I was never going to be ready for something like that, so you know...", she trailed off.

"What if I'm too late?", she said, her hand shaking.

I turned her around and looked at her. "You don't have to do this. Cole told you the same thing, we can just tell him no and find another way."

"There is no other way", she whispered, "I can't be on the run forever and I can't put you through that either."

"No, hey, I told you, wherever you go, I go. If you want to be on the run then ok, but I know you don't, not after everything you said about your past. We can think of another way though. You don't have to do this if you feel you're not ready, but if you choose to do it, I believe in you, I saw you practicing and you're good."

She smiled a little at me and looked ahead, taking a deep breath. "I'll do it. Then freedom."

"Then freedom", I said.

"Let's get this over with", she said and moved forward.

I kept my distance, but was ready to intervene if something didn't go according to plan. I could see Cole from where I was standing, hiding so that no one would catch on on what was happening. His eyes were on Chloe, making sure we did this right.

She ran into the crowd, but was still visible. I glanced over at Cole to see him taking a deep breath and moved his hand. I knew I shouldn't worry about him doing this right, he'd been practicing at this since he was a little kid and this was his sister, he'd be careful.

And then something went wrong.

A wolf noticed Cole and went after him, but before he could do any damage, Rebecca's wolf jumped out of nowhere and tackled him, rolling away from Cole. He, however, had already missed the target, trying to avoid being killed and all. Next thing I know, a knife flies straight for Chloe's heart, so I started running towards her, but before I could reach her, she was on the ground covered in blood. That was not the plan.

I kneeled besides her and after looking at her and getting that feeling, I broke down.

Chloe's pov

~ Two days ago~

"Well... There is something, but you won't like it. Neither will Brian nor Rebecca", Cole said.

Great, that can't be good.

"What?", I asked warily.

"We can't run away, they'll look for us and we can't always look behind our shoulders."

"Well, yeah, the only way to forget us is if we're dead, but...", I trailed off as Cole looked at me.

"No...", I said.


"You want us to--"

"Fake our deaths", he said.

"How are we even supposed to do that? I'll tell you how, we can't!", I said as I got up and faced him.

"Calm down, I have something in mind..."

"You have something in mind? I don't want to die!"

"We are not going to die! If they see us dead though they'll know it's not a trick and we'll be free."

I sighed and sat back down. "What do you want to do?"

"You'll have to use your powers."

"We're doomed", I fell back on the bed.

"We're not doomed. It's simple, all you have to do is stop a knife before it stubs you."

"All I have to do?", I shouted.

"Chloe look at me. You are my sister and I love you, I'd never ask you to do something like that if I didn't know you could do it. You still doubt yourself, but you don't have to. You might be new to this, but you're good."

"What if something goes wrong? What happens if I don't stop it in time?"

"I can be the one to do it, just to make sure that you'll be fine."

I know that Cole has pretty much mastered the art of telepathy and he would aim the knife for somewhere non lethal, but still, this was making me nervous.

"We can practice it, just to get an idea. If you don't want to do it, we won't", he said.

Ok, practice can't hurt anyone.

"What about you?", I asked.

"Werewolf attack", he said casually.


"Remember when I told you there's something for us like there's wolfsbane for werewolves? I might have stolen a bottle or two before we left..."

"So, you're going to take this and get mauled by a werewolf? That's not smart..."

"Just trust me, I can make it happen. However, if we really want Silver Moon to believe us, Rebecca and Brian have to make our 'deaths' believable."

Right... I just need Daniel to turn back into Brian again...


Brian kissed me, my mate kissed me, I just couldn't be happier right now! Only if we didn't have to talk about me faking my death and stuff...

We were sitting with Cole, Brian and Rebecca, making sure we knew how this was going to go down.

"So how good of an actor are you?", I asked Brian.

"I can make it", he said.

"We also need fake blood", Cole said. Going for an Oscar winning performance here...

Cole would hide somewhere so that no one would distract him while there was a knife flying towards me. He wouldn't go for the heart or anything, but still it was scary.

Let's hope it will turn out as planned.



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