Kidnapped 25- A Bite or two

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Tohru's voice trailed off sadly.

Yuki sighed while exposing his collar more,

"I don't care about myself anymore. You know I love and care about you. You'll die if you don't eat, and then what will me and Kyo have to live for?"

Tohru nervously ran her hands through her tangled hair,

"I can just take the blood from the nurse or something."

Yuki lowered his head and slammed his hand on the table next to Tohru's hospital bed, looking up.

"Do you care about me?"

Yuki had a serious look in his eye, he was determined to help Tohru.

Tohru's eyes began to lightly water under the pressure of everything going on,

"O-Of course I do! Why would yo-"

Yuki silenced Tohru,

"Maki told me that the best tasting blood is from the people that you care about."

"But...I care about the nurse."

Yuki held in his light laughter, trying the hide his smile.

"That's not what I was trying to point out, but you're not winning this one."

"Okay, if I have to- but can we do it tonight?! When the nurse staff is lower? I don't really like the idea of a nurse walking in and seeing that..."

Tohru weakly smiled, and Yuki smiled back.

"Okay, now sleep. See you tonight."

"Where are you going?!"

Yuki grabbed the door knob and turned around,

"To see Kyo."

Tohru nodded and rested her head against her soft pillow, dozing off to the sound of rain hitting the hospital's big window.


"She's a vampire?!"

Kyo yelled loudly, Yuki was trying to help him get his memories back- the ones he shared with Tohru.

"Umm, I don't know of you noticed, but you're one too."

Yuki pointed to the scar of the bite marks Kyo had on his neck.

Kyo grabbed a hand mirror from the bedside table and screamed.


Yuki couldn't help but laugh at Kyo, and how Kyo became so shocked at this minor thing. Wait until he hears the rest. Yuki thought normally.

{That Night}

Tohru had just woken up from sleeping all day, her hunger increased rapidly.

The room was pitch black, all Tohru could hear was the sound of the door's hinges.

That must be Yuki. She thought nervously.

He flicked a dim light on. Yuki's collar was still low,

"I can't do this."

Tohru his her face in her hands.

"You can, and you will."

Yuki helped Tohru unhook herself from the machines.

Yuki put his hand on her shoulder,


Tohru nodded, holding back any tears she had left.

Tohru put her hands on Yuki's shoulders making sure she didn't hold him tightly, unlike Kyo she could still make him transform.

She tilted her head toward his neck, Yuki let a worried sigh.


He said shakily in between his nervous breaths.


Her face was nearly in the crook if his neck ready to bite.

"Do you hate me?"


With her short response, she bit down. Yuki screamed out in pain and surprise. Tohru drank from him for minutes at a time. Once finished she pulled away wiping her mouth with her arm. Tohru heard the nurse coming from Yuki's scream.

Tohru ran to her hospital bed and held Yuki by her arm from the side of the bed. I think he passed out from blood loss. Tohru pretended to be asleep, the nurse looked in and left.

Tohru put Yuki in her bed and escaped into the dimly lit hospital corridor.

"Hmm, I wonder where Kyo's room is."


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